Show me your ti bikes

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by 12x23

Craig311 wrote:Please see my custom Tommasini Mach with Campagnolo Super Record 80 Year Anniversary Groupset and Wheelset

Nice velo! Deserves more photos!

by Weenie

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by jörgl

New wheelset...


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by Elrey

Formation face on...?

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by jörgl

...DT 240S.

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by HillRPete

Had already posted this bike last year, but for various reasons never started putting it to regular use. Over the winter I did some tweaks (saddle, steel fork with good clearance) and love how it rides now. Usually the Open Pro wheelset with Challenge Almanzos is in use, but today I put the Yishun tubs on, for a quick spin with a friend.

Maybe its just placebo, but the ride of the Ti is great. Also liking the lo-fi aesthetics of the raw frame. Looking forward to lots of gravel and climbing, the snowline is already receding.



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by michel2

toiyuet wrote:Merlin Newsboy 1997 s/n 00001

now that deserve more photos !! lovely bikes boss !!

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by kgt

Lovely bikes, especially the Enigma. Horizontal top tubes rule!

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by ronderman

Not typically seen together.

Moots - Red - Enve Cockpit - Cosmic wheels - size 56cm

Firefly - Record - SiSL2 cranks - SLR Wheels - Deda Cockpit - size 60cm (but custom)

Personally, I'm more on the firefly side. For me, and this me, the moots slopes too much. I really do like Moots a lot, but the slope is just too much. Both bikes are press fit BB30 and both weight 17.1. Firefly has oversized head tube and oversized stays (I'm a Clydesdale).

Untitled by velomonkeys, on Flickr

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by Calnago

Some really nice looking bikes lately in here. I'm of the "horizontal top tubes rule" thinking myself... to me they just look so much better.

What I don't get (never have) are those "kinked" Thompson seat posts. Most unelegant things ever. Looks like they start life as a zero set back post, then to get the proper setback it gets stuck in a vice and bent.
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by jbaillie

I see absolutely no problem with the Thomson setback (I ride a 25mm setback 3T post) but I think we can all agree that it shouldn't be done backwards, on a cross bike with aerobars.

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by Tenlegs

I agree, ugly things, but Thomson has seen the light at last. ... st-design/

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by threadless

I'm slowing upgrading my old Litespeed in preparation for this summer's riding. Just installed a DA 7800 grouppo. I'm thinking of keeping the 7400 cranks because they are decently light (especially with the American Classic ti spindle bb I have). The wheels are next, and I'm planning to do some light hubs to Kinlin XR-300s. It isn't as high budget as some of the beauties on here, but it'll get the job done.

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by FredV

Here's my Nevi Spinas :

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by teleguy57

]New Hampsten ti Gran Paradiso. Replaced my 2011 version as my position changed and the bike was a little more flexible than I decided I really wanted (I had asked Steve to make it more comfortable than stiff). This one has fatter DT and TT, plus a larger HT while no going the full 44mm route. Larger BB shell for PF30 and FAT 1" chainstays! (Note: bars have been retaped after I tweaked my position -- with no offending brake lever clamps exposed:))

Absolutely love the ride (still incredible comfortable) but no movement in the front end when climbing standing, and when I push on the pedals on the flats the power goes right to the drivetrain and the bike just goes. Did I say how much I love this bike?!?!?!


Gotta love the pig!

Certainly not a grimpeur at 90kg...

Plenty of clearance w/25mm tubulars

Amazing welds, PF30BB, fat chainstays

by Weenie

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