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by addictR1

PinaRene wrote: @ Livestrong1986 - Do you like the 1X setup ?
+1, is like to know as well. My carbon FD hanger isn’t broken or anything but seems like there’s flex and FD always changes after a while and sometime won’t downshift.

So thinking to go 1X route... would love to hear how you like it.

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by Weenie

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by shoon

Here's mine. First scott bike. changed from giant propel advanced 2 to canyon ultimate cf sl to scott foil 2017
size 54 (M), weighs a hefty 7.74kg (w cages, pedal + garmin mount, w/o saddlebag, lights and garmin) at the moment.
Changing my pedals from SPD-SL R550 to Time Xpresso 10 (hope can shave some weight) and tyres from Conti GP4K II to Victoria Corsa G+ tan colour soon.


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by PinaRene

New Berk saddle 6.35 Kg now with the FFWD Wheels.


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by Ehrmantraut

New wheelset:


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by shoon

New tyres, time xpresso pedals. Now 7.65kg


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by ultyguy

My Foil RC, size M, mech DA. It’s really fast and doesn’t ride like shit, climbs ok too.


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by reedplayer

toshi wrote:
Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:13 pm
2016 Scott Solace 10 disc... 16.5lbs as pictured. Soul destroying ride quality.

:thumbup: nicest silhouette since long!

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by ms6073

toshi wrote:
Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:13 pm
2016 Scott Solace 10 disc... 16.5lbs as pictured. Soul destroying ride quality.
Curious, what do you find so disappointing about the ride quality? I have the same Solace 10 frame in size large/56, built with DA R9150/9170 drive train and brakes, Enve bar, stem, and post, Fizik Kurve Snake w/carbon rails, Nox Falkor R36 tubeless, and Scwalbe Pro One 28c tires and always thought the ride quality was very nice.
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by toshi

I was coming directly off a SuperSix HiMod, which for me in hindsight was just a better fit. Probably not as stiff, and non-disc, but the ride quality was buttery smooth... maybe the best all-around bike I've owned. I'm 135lbs and the Solace, which despite Scott's marketing is basically a low-modulous Addict with endurance geo, was just wooden feeling to me.

Glad you are enjoying yours! I think the Solace is a cool bike but it wasn't for me.

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by rainerhq

ms6073 and toshi, how is the BB stiffnes of this Solace? I heard the 1st gen was a noodle. Max watts will be 1100-1200 in my case.
I have this frame and planning to build it as my main roadbike. The geo is very much the same as Addict. Stack is +25mm, reach is -7mm, chainstay -5mm. Should be pretty nimble.
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by livestrong1986

PinaRene wrote:
Tue Apr 24, 2018 2:33 pm

@ Livestrong1986 - Do you like the 1X setup ?
in 2016 i was ridden 10000km + , and i was totally happy with this setup.
now it is look like this




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by Basher74

Scott Adict SL

Floats around 6kg depending on what wheels are on.

Fantastic timeless classic.

For sale if anyone’s interested? Going cheap!

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by torob

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by calvin

My Scott Foil RC


by Weenie

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