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by jbaillie

The '06 Merckx Alu Cross, now with Challenge Grifo 33's

by Weenie

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by drider85

2016 SuperX


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by mannequinforce


First cross bike. Don't have a weight on it yet. Probably 9.5-10kg. It's a blast!

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by ultyguy

Seriously hot :thumbup:

arizonahalfnhalf wrote:My cross bike, custom painted Trek Boone Canti. Will post a full thread eventually.


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by 8bitmarlon

fresherjohn wrote:just finished building mine, miracle bikes thru axle frame and wheels, s700/force/x0 groupset comes in at 8.4kg with several areas to save weight. Image

Holy crap that looks sweet! How does it ride? Did you order the wheels & seatpost from them also?

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by rainerhq

Pretty sure the ride is like riding a stool on roots. Because those chinese frames are just carbon stools, not bike frames.
Btw I owned chinese road, cx and mtb frames and used all of them more than 2 years.
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by wpccrunner

Are you riding that stool upside down? Having 3 buddies to fool around with could make the Chinese origin a bit more fun.

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by Tomstr

Lent the photo from the supplier whom I happily endorse. (


It now has double bar tape, SLR saddle and 120mm stem. Next upgrade is a set of wheels as these are heavy. :lol:
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by fresherjohn

Holy crap that looks sweet! How does it ride? Did you order the wheels & seatpost from them also?

Well I've not ridden a stool on roots so cant make a fair comparison but compared to my old alu Caadx and Spesh tricross its a total beast.
I did get the wheels and seat-post from Miracle, but the wheels delayed the delivery a bit, so I dont think they make them in-house and you're better off looking elsewhere.
I've been mostly using the bike for road duties with pro4's on the carbon wheels, so I got some 29er wheels for cross to avoid tyre changes.
As for the ride, I did my first race of the winter series yesterday and it never missed a beat despite a "bumpy" course where 10% of the entrants ripped rear mechs. It handled the off-camber section which most of the field walked and corners predictably, so i'm pretty happy with it.
I accepted it might not perform as well as a tcx, open up, crux or stigmata when i got it, but its the same open mould design as the planet-x viner bikes so the geomerty isnt far off and its obviously a much lower price point.

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by anquetil


Caadx Ultegra
SRAM Red Crankset - Q Rings 46/34
Miche 988 Wheelset
3T carbon handlebar
Berk Hlod saddle
XTR pedals

8,2 kg

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by hmai18

Injury and equipment issues have kept me sidelined for the last month. Finally ready to shred at tomorrow's race.

This'll be my third season on this rig. Wanted to upgrade to the 2017 model, but the cost, even with a hookup, just wasn't worth it especially after blowing a good chunk of change on my custom steel roadie earlier this year. Have been thinking about selling this and going titanium for next year.


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by olebole

(Saddle angle is weird)

8.5kg with stock wheelset.

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by vejnemojnen

arizonahalfnhalf wrote:My cross bike, custom painted Trek Boone Canti. Will post a full thread eventually.


this colour pleases my eyes!

could you give some ral-reference? :)

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by Rennwagen

Just built last week and raced this weekend.


Trek Crockett frame built mostly with parts from my old road bike. Campy Record 11, DT 240 / H Plus Son TB14 wheels, XTR pedals, Paul brakes, 3T alloy bar and stem, Thompson Masterpiece post and Bontrager Serrano saddle.

by Weenie

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