Show us some stealth bikes

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by adidavas

gigantor7 wrote:Just thought I'd contribute to the stealth bike feed :)


Not totally stealth. I decided to go with the normal 3K weave FM015, alongside the UD texture of reynolds assaults. There's contrast, even though it's all murdered out.

Nice bike, you need black bottle :D :thumbup:

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by Rumsas

Another bike came along, so my stealth project is now on hold.
But keep em coming boys

by Weenie

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by maxle

Oh, there are no stealth MTB`s inside here yet ?!

Let me show the first one:
:welcome: My Haibike Greed Custom 6,7kg. Almost all parts tuned e.g. frame ( 920g ) & fork ( 1100g ) etc...
The pictures were taken by a friend of mine, thanks a lot Rico ;)


Have a nice day !
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by Timo

That's very chique!
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by prendrefeu

That deserves a dedicated thread! It looks fantastic. :thumbup:
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by artray

viewtopic.php?f=10&t=108728" onclick=";return false;

My trek


MY Guru photon which is now just a frame and getting rebuilt .

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by HillRPete

maxle, very spectacular!

What stem is that?

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by MMMhills

Here is mine just under 12 lbs.

If you think you can handle 10,000 feet then check out this ride...[/size][size=150]

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by Marzz

Juggler wrote:My Canyon Aeroad... not much left to strip...


Sorry for the late reply, but this is hot.

BoB Canyons have always been on my list of bikes to own one day, and matched perfect with the ENVEs.

Still such a shame no Aussie importer for these awesome bikes...
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by Juggler

Thanks, Marzz... just got below 7.0 kg by changing tyres and tubes.

Still waiting for that Smud saddle... ordered it 5 weeks ago now. But as I understand, there is no need to rush the good Piotr... it takes whatever time it takes :)
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by coppercook62

My Crumpton SL

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by Krull

great bike. would love to see it with non-deep-wheelset

the guru is extremely nice as well-just took a look at the geometry, perfect!
are they available in europe?
sorry vor mai bed englisch!

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by NiFTY

What is going on with the rear derailleur cable on the crumpton. Nice bike too, by the way.
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by jrennie

That Crumpton is sick looking but the rd does look funky.

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by coppercook62

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by Weenie

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