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by Robt57

This Addict LTD is in the care of a good friend now as of last year. I had it for 6 years and loved every revolution of wheels upon it.

It was 6870 Di2 toward the end and into my Buds stable. Here is my initial build in 2013 with 7800 and tubulars. Zoom in on the scale, turely belongs here among the WW builds, especially for a 2008 61CM Clyde bike with nothing stupid light, well the wheels maybe...

Last two years of rolling was Di2, I figured it had enough WW in the bag it could take the pork of the Di2 with grace and still be very light. ;)

My favorite go fast bike in all my rolling decadedom.


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by Clannagh

My Di2 with goldleaf frame during a peaceful sunny evening lockdown ride, not a hint of the usual pungent KFC just warm fresh sea air rolling in off the coast... perfect 8)


by Weenie

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by lewolive


Here's my new bike. Based on a 2019 Scott Foil HMX, rim brakes, size 54. Total weight with pedals: 7,2kg

Seatpost height is huge, I know... The drop is 180mm.
But this bike was built with the exact dimesions of my previous Canyon Ultimate CF evo and it's how I ride a racing bike. In can ride 300km with this setup.

-Rim brakes 9100: DM brakes, they are excellent and optimized with the 9100 shifters installed. I chose rim brakes to keep budget at a reasonable level. I can use the brakes only once per hour, I don't imagine why I would absolutely need discs !
-9100 drivetrain: mechanical has still advantages on price, weight quality and durability. You can find a lever set for less than $400 and rear derailleur below $200.
It's also the lightest Shimano combination.
-Eurus wheels: they are very reliable, lightly aero... but they will perform on my next mounatin rides this summer. On flat, I'll probably use Zipp 404.

-Rotor Inspider Aldhu crankset (powermeter): it's a good ratio for price/weight/accuracy (around 800g including these aero chainrings).
-CyclingCeramic 41/30 BB: my previous 41/30 from this brand was dead after 3 years/22000km. It's very smooth and life duration was aceptable (169€)
-CyclingCeramic OSPWS: my previous system was 3 yo and it was time to change (from Sram to Shimano).

Syncros handlebar/stem: it's a combo 130/400mm. Excellent ! Narrower than my previous 420mm handlebar.
The computer mount is K-Edge. Great view on data (it's where it should be).

At this point, at 20°C, i need to produce 250W avg to ride on flat at 36kph avg.
Tires give a good rolling resistance and they are 25mm wide.

Gears: 53/39 Qrings and 11/30 Rotor cassette. Shifting looks good and I'll see if stays as good as with Dura Ace on the long term (I love DA cassettes but it was time to give a chance to Rotor Uno). I ride alone and in summer, most of my rides will be at 33-35kph avg, for 2-5 hours. In high mountains I'll use 39*23 and 39*26 most of the time, which will be good for the chainline with this cassette.

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by MarkoP

My 2020 Addict RC Ultimate with Zipp 303 NSWs and Sram RED AXS.
2020 Scott Addict RC Ultimate
2021 Factor 02
2020 Colnago G3-X - Sold
2017 Cervelo R3 - Sold

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by echappist

Plasma 3 TT in Team Highroad livery. Not a light bike by any means (I think it's close to 9 kg as shown), but I think i'll stop riding it only if the frame goes kaput or if I can no longer ride in the position. I have had it for about seven years now and was unable to ride it for two years due to a knee injury. It was great when I was finally able to ride it again last year.



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by PinaRene

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by PinaRene

Still love to ride it - got his new paintjob last September @Etoe in Germany.


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by bobones


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