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by campagowlo

I'm looking to convert my bertoletti frame into a commuter and winter bike. It will take 28mm tyres easily. I'm thinking of getting white industries eno hub built onto archetype rim. Looks like good option to me. Does anyone have experience or thoughts?

by Weenie

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by JoeFlan

Are you thinking of the standard hub or the eccentric hub? If you're considering the eccentric hub, just remember every time you remove your wheel you may have to readjust your brakes unless you are able to line up the hub exactly to where it was before.
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by nex

I have a eccentric eno hub with an archetype rim on a roadie to fixed conversion, so feel free to shoot any questions. I can upload some pictures too if you like.

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by Rigard

Have two of them, bombproof hubs and top notch customer service. Running them with Archetypes aswell. Eccentric works just as well as horizontal drops, just remember how it was positioned never was that big of a deal for me. Used an old cone spanner as quick tensioner which I could carry with me just in case.

If you want any specific questions answered let me know.

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by Gary71

I 2nd or third the Yes for endo eccentric hubs :thumbup:
It is one of the best wheels I have built up (40mm carbon tubular) and allows me to convert my Ti to a light wieght fixed wheel bike for commuting. Finished product is much cleaner than fixed wheel conversions with dickie little tensioner jocky wheels hanging off the derailieur hanger.

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by FreaK

I rode one for a good long while. fixed, with Open Pro rims. Dead reliable.
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by Weenie

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by bm0p700f

Phil wood eccentric bb or the trick stiff eccentric bb is the other option.

The adjustment in the eno hub is not huge and you might still find gear choice is restricted.

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