Tire weights .. Marathon Supreme vs Continental Ultra ll's ---> wire bead

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by WinterRider

Took delivery yesterday of a set of Marathon Supremes in 32mm... my scale shows 369 per tire. That'll work .. purchased for backup wheelset for winter in Tx.. roads at times give me fits w flats. And I wanted to test their rolling resistance.

What I did FIND.. is the Continental Ultra ll's.. wire bead that Nashbar stated at 340 grs in NOT close to that... 425 grams I weighed at.. geeeeez Louise. What I did find looking closely via Continental's website.. is the WIRE beaded version was stated at 410 grs... close enough for gov work. Buttt... Nash blowing off the wts irritates me. Guess the help is pushed to get things done... de-tales be dammed. Happens... Nashbar has been good to me over time... the Ultra ll is great rubber for the cost too.

But ya know I thought these wire beads SLOW... thought it was just me. Added wt vs the foldable Ultra ll's I ran earlier ... 2+ ounces of wt MORE rotating. Tad too much. :smartass:

SIDEBAR: the Ultra ll's mount easily... nice for on the road repairs. Wear decent too.
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by Alumen

I have used the Ultra II's as training tyre on my racer.

Maybe less supple..., but the rolling resistance is close to the GP4ksII I noticed. Wearing is decent, grip is good. I just had only one puncture with this tyre in 1.500km.

Recommended !
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by Weenie

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