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by ergott

How about a catch all for posting the commuter bikes.

Some particulars:
Son28 centerlock front hub
Luxos U headlight
Toplight Brake rear
Tubus Fly rack


Ortlieb computer bag


by Weenie

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by calleking

I do my winter training / commuting on a really heavy Jamis Nova Sport. Bike weighs close to 14kg / 30 pounds as pictured!
Shimano Claris and SKS Mudguards. Bought the bike new from Evanscycles for €450 when it was on 50% sale! If someone steals it I won't cry myself to sleep :)

Except for being a bit heavy and for the Claris group being a huge step down from Shimano DI2 that I have on my Canyon Aeroad. I can't really fault it. Wait, I can. The brakes are Tektro Lyra and they're absolutely useless.
I saw that SRAM Apex 1x is coming out and it has hydraulic brakes so I might switch to that groupset in the future. Maybe I'll swap the bike out for something lighter while I'm at it...

Bike commutes well and for training I just put on my Powertap P1 pedals and check wattage/heart rate. Don't care about avarage speed as long as my numbers are right during training.

No problems at all with winter up here in Sweden as long as you keep the salt away from the drivetrain.

2016 CAAD12 SRAM Red 22 Enve SES 4.5

2018 S-Works Tarmac SL6 Sagan Superstar DA 9150
2016 Aeroad CF SLX UDi2

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by F45

bm0p said I should have tossed the xr270s but I built them up because $15 rims have a luxury all their own. :mrgreen:

CAAD 9 cx
5800 silver
Dati DA-R1 hubs/aerolite/XR270/GP4000 28mm. Butyl tubes with Bontrager sealant.
Tektro 926AL brakes
QD seatpost for easier transport.
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by jupis

Here is my Stevens Cyclocross and Thule Chariot Cougar 2 which I use to take my children to daycare. For really winterish/crappy weather I've got also trusty Sunn Vertik2 steel hardtail MTB in my garage.
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by shlammed

just finished a bit of a for now type commuter build with a free frame/fork from local classifieds while I weld myself a nice lightweight aluminum commuter frame.

Trying to decide what fork to use on the new aluminum frame that's nice and light weight with disc provisions and fender eyelets.

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by megl

Here's mine

Ultegra 6800, handmade wheels CX75 hubs on DT Swiss rims, TRP Spyre, Canyon VCLS 2.0 post, Chris King, Tubus Lowrider


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by HillRPete

Shouldn't this be in the Gallery forum? All the other catch all threads are there ...

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by larderlout

On-one pompino singlespeed here.

Stronglight 44t chainset
17t fixed or 18t free hub
35mm vittoria randonneur tyres
SKS longboards
campag khamsin front
Planet x track hub with Exal LX17 rim rear
Shimano alivio and deore v-brakes with tektro levers

Built for the sole purpose of commuting. Great for cycle paths and crap weather.

Took rack off, just have a drawstring bag for my butties!



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by nayr497

jupis wrote:Here is my Stevens Cyclocross and Thule Chariot Cougar 2 which I use to take my children to daycare. For really winterish/crappy weather I've got also trusty Sunn Vertik2 steel hardtail MTB in my garage.

Awesome! My son is only 7 months old, but I eagerly look forward to taking him around and to daycare and then school via bicycle!

As it is now, I'm forced to drive, which I haven't done with any regularity since 2002!
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by locktopus

megl wrote:Here's mine

Ultegra 6800, handmade wheels CX75 hubs on DT Swiss rims, TRP Spyre, Canyon VCLS 2.0 post, Chris King, Tubus Lowrider


This is a great picture of a good set up. How did you attach the lowrider rack? Am I right in saying that the fork doesn't have mounts?

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by joejack951

Built back in 2009 and since ridden about 25,000 miles, though not so many lately as I work from home now. No problems towing a Burley trailer and my son with his bike to the local parks with this.

Some specs:
Pedal Force CX1 frame, Windwood full carbon disc fork
IRD Cadence rims, DT Swiss Revolution Font and NDS spokes, Comp DS, 32F/R, alloy nipples, American Classic hubs, ~1450 grams total
Old Man Mountain Rack, ~400 grams total
Ultegra 6503 shifters and derailleurs
Ritchey WCS handlebars, stem, and seatpost
Crank was replaced with Stronglight Pulsion until the inserts for the granny ring came loose. Going to put my Fission triple on it eventually
Headlight is now a L&M Seca 800 with custom 10400 mah carbon fiber battery pack, shown with my old L&M HID
Weight as pictured: 10.9 kg/24 lbs.

ImageDSC02690 by joe jackson, on Flickr

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by TheRookie

So the third PlanetX/On-one already!
PlanetX London road in Zesty Lime, was a reframe for my old and very tired Carrera Gryphon, shown here by the side of my route to work.
Weight is around 8.8Kg without rack/pannier and guards, as those, including pannier contents, add about another 3.5Kg its not really worth aggressively chasing further weight savings unless a part is being changed anyway.
PX LR frameset (alloy frame and carbon forks), Selcof carbon seatpost with Bontrager Inform RXL saddle, Bikehut forged CNC stem and BBB Fibretop bars with Pork rind foam grips (now 6 years old).
Wheelset is from a Pinnacle Hybrid, offset drilled Alex rim and unbranded cup and cone hubs but not too bad at sub 2Kg for the pair.
Alligator discs on KCNC centrelock adaptors slowed by Clarks M2 brakes.
Conti Ultrasport II in 700x28c which are a decent compromise between weight and drag and resistance to deflations.
Sram X0 grip shifter (no delicate levers to get damaged) and X9 short cage rear mech with an Ultegra 12-28 cassette.
GXP crankset spinning in Shimano XT BB (with adaptor) with a narrow wide 44t ring.

Contemplating a change of bar (prefer more backsweep than this has) and stem (-17 to drop the bars a bit more).
Impoverished weight weenie wanna-be!
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by Tirider

Here's my year round commuter. No fenders no panniers just me and the bike. Running 1.8 slicks. She is fast.

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by ihs0yz


What size are your rotors? 140mm? If not, did you need adapters for them?

by Weenie

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