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by DartanianX

So, the project has started.

I've started out with a Specialized Daily.

Changes so far;
Euro Brakes
Trim the bars down by 30mm each side
Abus lock

Planned changes;
Lights 3x 100lumens on the rear, 2x 1000lumens on the front
Alloy flat pedal

Then she'll be ready to do shop lunch runs, bottoleo duty and the short 5km commuter heavy route.


The bars are made of almost solid alloy.


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by Weenie

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by adcords

Nice setup.

How do you find commuting in Sydney?

I ask as i used to live in Brisbane... way too hot to commute (didn't help our showers we're in garage with no aircon). I commute all the time in London though, and planning to move back to Sydney at some point.

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