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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Road bike: Cervelo R3, Campagnolo Chorus/Record mix...
Supercommuter: Jamis Renegade...pastatrails.blogspot.com
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by campbellrae


About 5 mins further up the climb visibility was down to less than 50 feet thanks to white out conditions. Fun times :lol:

spring my ass...

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

55 miles round the Peak District today on a local clubs hilly reliability.
Only 2 of us completed it due to the high winds and snow in exposed parts, and no photo's because i wasnt stopping and getting my phone out my pocket!!
Strangely, in the lower areas it was fairly pleasant....
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by Leviathan

Had to stop my ride yesterday as I was getting sunburnt on my head. My (Italian) wife asked me yesterday what it would take to return to the UK to live. Im thinking "a plane big enough to get me and my telegraph pole in."

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by Rush

campbellrae wrote:
About 5 mins further up the climb visibility was down to less than 50 feet thanks to white out conditions. Fun times :lol:

spring my ass...

I like the prevalent use of mudguards.

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by nspace

@ xrs2: At least your Ergo3's aren't white:


This was a good weekend. Finally been ramping up and made it up to 14 hours on the bike this week, about 350km. Need to keep up the momentum. Been doing most of my rides on the CX bike so it was real nice to bust out the road bike finally!


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by Dalai

While you guys are still fighting through the cold, we are enduring a record heat wave and look to easily surpass the number of successive days over 30 degrees celcius!

Still got out this morning for a ride in the Dandenongs - getting in the 1 in 20 and The Wall before arriving home around noon with a temp of 32 degrees already!

On The Wall.


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by prendrefeu

Meanwhile, in California:

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by erty65

xrs2 wrote:Image
nspace wrote:Image
Why not use shoe covers?

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by Kjetil

You lucky bastards. Using the road bike is but a dream in my parts of the world. Studded tires is the stark reality, and taking out the phone to shoot something pretty means nail bite.

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by wingguy

prendrefeu wrote:63°F/17°C]

Lovely. Reminds me of last July... :lol:

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by PSM

wingguy wrote:
prendrefeu wrote:63°F/17°C]

Lovely. Reminds me of last July... :lol:

+1. :unbelievable:

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by tinchy

Saturday rode in temps pushing 14C, feeling like spring is coming.
Commute home tonight from uni and hear on the news temps down to -11C tonight.
Da furk.

I need to emigrate. :up:

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by Monkeyboy3333

Saw Jon Tiernan Locke (Team Sky) out on a training ride today round my way - Somerset, UK. Despite being cold, windy and getting dusted with snow this one of my favourite rides of the year thusfar.
One of the Queen's flock doing a brave job in the frozen water....I fought a similar battle into an icy headwind today

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by jmilliron


While warming up for a TT in middle of nowhere central valley California.
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