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by KWalker

I'm the 'o face' in orange in Nathan's picture. I somehow navigated through the crash at almost full speed and came to a dead stop in the grass.

To add to Nathan's story it was a classic clusterf*ck of slow riders being too far up front and gassing. The sprint stopped and started 3 times in the last 100m. I was moving up and so was the guy next to me when I saw him start to drift across my front wheel. I tapped my brakes and he went shooting across diagonally with his head down and went into the rider on my right that was in front of Nathan. I've heard since this that the rider he hit on the right elbowed him in the face/punched him in the face when they came close but have no idea how this happened. They wobbled and went down and I went through, but their ripple took out about 8-10 people behind them. We were going close to 40 on a downhill sprint when it all took place.
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by jmilliron

Look at all these clean faced roadies! How about some mtb action?

Boggs 8hr. photo by Daydreamer Cinema by jason5milliron, on Flickr
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by manne

Photo from a GP last week. Ended up between the two groups and had to ride nine out of eleven laps all by myself.
Kept the same speed as the leading group but didn't have the legs to join them.



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by nathanong87

dude behind u looks in the hurt locker. good job mate!

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by micky

Pics from 2 weeks ago at a race organized by our team; althought having an headache ended up 10th by finishing in 2nd group.


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by Willier

Great kit Micky!
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by micky

Grazie! :D

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by twigstim

nathanong87 wrote:some "action" from this weekend. Im on my back on the grass.... my caad10 is airborne

Hey! I got 3rd in that race. I'm right behind the dude leading off in the pictures... Wicked crash!

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by Ghastly

mtb action!

During 2nd stage of a 3 day racing event in La Roche, Belgium. 260km and almost 8000hm in total...


Uploaded with

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by Frankie - B

Cool picture!

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by JamieL

Departmental championships just over a week ago. Motivated by Basilic to look for some pictures.
Still riding in UFOLEP races when i should probably be in FFC but staying where i am until the end of June at least.

I'm riding for a club in department 64. Normally when we race there are people from three or four different departments so this was always going to be a small peloton with loads of attacking. I've got a bit of a reputation apparently so i was marked the whole time but with six riders from my team that just meant others could have a go off the front.

At first glance the 5.5km circuit didn't look that hard but then we saw the finish was 200m at almost 20% :D

Proper fast at the beginning - Just tiring everyone out

Tried to go the first time up the hill - no chance - marked all the time

A break of three (with a team mate) went at mid-distance - i managed to finally sneak away and get across

Played it reasonably well with repeated attacks from us both on the last lap before i got away with one other rider - wasn't too sure what to do in that situation but backed myself on the hill at the end.

Managed to drop the other guy on the pull to the line

Champ :lol:

Team mate from the break got third, and we managed 5th as well from the bunch at the end

Get to wear this jersey for the rest of the year 8)

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by MarkTwain

To remind you of your sandbagging.

Well played.

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by micky

Well done!

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by Kjetil


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by Dalai

I raced my first full CX race yesterday and had a blast, ending up finishing mid field in the Masters category! Only one slow speed front wheel wash out mid race where I tasted dirt, but was able to get the dropped chain on quickly and retake the lost position.

I definitely need to work on my skills for the technical sections. Made good time on the grass and gravel sections, in the loose, tight sections definitely lost time!


Great photos as always by Jo Upton!

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