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by wojchiech

Anyone else attempting this strava challenge?

8,800 m in 9 days.

With a full-time work schedule this will take some dedication (just like festive 500). I'll probably have to do at least a couple ~3000 m vertical rides on days off as well as waking early to do repeats a few mornings.

Here in northern California there are at least some good climbs to choose from. I feel bad for those living in flatter areas who aren't as lucky.

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I am going to attempt it. I have completed the last two iterations, but this year is quite a bit more elevation to climb. I also have a full time job, so time will be a limiting factor (as will my legs). Unfortunately there aren't any long climbs around where I live, but there are tons of short and (very) steep climbs, so I will be stuck with repeats for my weekday rides.
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by drainyoo

Wish I could try it but I just don't have the time.

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by spdntrxi

no time for that...

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by mentok

yeah, i will have a poke. 2 big weekends and a decent night ride through the week and it's totally do-able. i just need the weather to play nicely and some riding buddies to keep me focussed...

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by eric

That's less than the amount of climbing I'd normally do in that period of time. Yes I get up early during the week and we have a lot of climbs in the area.

There'll be some wierdos who will do double the minimum.

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by Kayrehn

I live on a pancake flat island and my mate is planning to do roughly 120 repeats of a steep slope... I'll give it a go tomorrow and see how long I'll last...

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by djm

Double? I bet there will be people tripling it, or more.

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by Zoose

As per other challenges, I bet those weirdos will be hitting that in the first day or two

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