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by ave

Show Segment Creator on Segment page

There are always bad segments, for many reasons.

A few examples:
- Creating segments from a ride tracked with a mobile, so the profile is bad, or the track is off the road. Pretty frequent problem.
- Segments starting/ending right near a stop sign/traffic light. Obviously dangerous, sprinting all out when one should be slowing down.

If the more advanced users knew who created them, they could ask the segment owner to modify his segment to be safe, or just delete it, and let others recreate it from a better data source. (aka a Garmin)

Also, discussion (comments) on a segment would be nice. Segment owner could be notified on new comments. ... ment-page-

If you agree on the above, please "like" it, and comment it if you want.

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I have been thinking similar things about segments on Strava. It seems like (especially in highly populated areas) there are a lot of pointless and dangerous segments as well as a lot of duplicates. I like your idea, but how would you determine who the "advanced users" are, besides just paying customers?

I was thinking of a system where segments could be flagged as a) duplicate b) dangerous or a number of other tags, and then users who have actually ridden that segment could vote on the tag to determine which segments people like and which they don't. I guess what I'm proposing is some sort of a segment review form that could be filled out by users after completing the segments. This way you could more easily sort out the good segments from all of the garbage.
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by Zoro

I think this is different.
Say Cavendish is doing a 1 hour TT.
Going for a roughly hour course and all the rankings for the "sprint" slower segments along the way come up. So while a KOM might be near for the long course, ranks are way low for those other segments. Any rider can do that short segment and say they beat Cav.

It would be nice to "erase"/not show all the segments between the start and finish where the rank is above a user defined threshold.
Actually they should not be counted as they skew data. Cav was going for a 1 hour TT segment, not the sprints. They just got in the way.

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by kramnnim

Friend of mine had all kinds of issues in his attempt to do the recent Rapha Rising challenge due to the multitude of redundant segments...would be nice to be able to get rid of them.

...and while Cav was probably the first rider you thought of, using him as an example for an hour long TT made me lol.

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