Lightest clinchers for heavy riders

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by Mr.Gib

rustychain wrote:Mr. Gib,
I share this experience you describe so well. I tried to explain it to the folks at Zipp and was told it was impossible as they (Zipp's engineers) could not reproduce it in their testing. :roll:
It was the most terrifying feeling I have ever had on a bike (and I have had my share). Thanks for the confirmation of our "impossible issue"
I fear the quest for data points outweighs the understanding of what makes for a good wheel set. Some of us must learn from personal experience I guess

Yeah, damn scary. I don't see why Zipp says it's impossible. Makes sense - lateral forces combined with the compression can do it. I loved the Zipps, but I feel so much more secure on high spoke handbuilts. If you haven't tried them yet I recommend you build a set with the H-Plus Son Archetype. Very solid in a 28/32 build. Weight not too bad.

I love light stuff but for us bigger guys, light wheels are not worth the risk or maintenance hassles.
wheelsONfire wrote: When we ride disc brakes the whole deal of braking is just like a leaving a fart. It happens and then it's over. Nothing planned and nothing to get nervous for.

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by Bingomck

6'1, 190 here, used to be 225# in my college sports days but have lost most upper body mass since cycling and stopping lifting. My "lightweight" wheels are 24/28 white industries with Kinlin, 2x front and rear. These feel strong to me for the power I put out, and I imagine you can lay down even more at 230. I wouldn't consider a lower spoke count or traditional WW wheels. Just not all parts are made for us, and that's fine.

I agree with poster above. Spend the money on a power meter and coach instead. Gains will be much more significant.

by Weenie

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by liketoride

yes i road both bikes with the same wheels but the tcr did not have the light extras like the felt. Aerolight pedals, sella SLR seat, zipp carbon sl handlebars, KCNC seatpost and the 12 reds with full ceramic bottom bearings. So I cant say the bikes were apples to apples because they were not. All i can say for certain is that when I was riding the TCR I felt like I was working twice as hard and i was going slower. I agree that it would be smarter for me to get a coach if i want to go faster and down the line that is not a problem but this was going to be for xmas and i want to open up my presents and go outside slap them on the bike and have a big old smile on my face and i cannot do that if i get coaching sessions for xmas. I have just picked up this sport and i have not ridden in packs very often so i might very well be that guy that hits someone so i will be paying even great attention to the road when i am out there. I do not know how to turn the greatest but on strait roads i can get it going. so i need more practice turning into corners before i even thought of getting out there to race. Like i have mentioned i have not been riding that long and most of the riding that i do is going home by myself. i only get to ride with other people on the weekends and there is nothing like it, as all of you must know. i have a question about ti spokes if i am running 28-32 do you think they would be okay? they would save a ton of weight and i was think if there is that many maybe it would be fine for me? just asking.

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by eric

I weigh 90 lbs less than you and I wouldn't use TI spokes. The very small weight savings is not worth the cost and reliability issues. Ti spokes are signficantly less stiff than steel, which makes a weaker wheel.

Unless you are doing uphill-only races, you get more performance from better aerodynamics than from lighter weight. The whole "rotating weight" being "worth" 4 or 8 times other weight is largely a myth- the actual effect is so small it can be ignored.

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by bigpab

Hi there,
first post here.
open to suggestions on a new set of wheels not that concern about budget,
just looking for a set of wheels that
will b ok for some racing,
big sportiffs
ie:scody 3 peak challenge.bupa etc
and as a everyday training wheel
im open to suggestions on any off the shelf or custom build
im in Newcastle NSW
so if anyone knows and can recommend a good wheel builder and some ideas that would also be a go.
I want to hear from other biggish riders.
at 84kg im on the limit of the magic number.
ive looked at fulcrum zero but they say 82 kg rider needs more attention to usage and servicing so expending that kind of money and getting lots of broken rims? not sure thats the best way
wheels seems expensive,
please advise ive been riding for years but due to a change in job position i have the time now to try some riding and more training.
I have a set of reynolds attack and my old trusted all terrain training set of Easton circuit that have done an amazing 5 years without breaks of any hassels but a couple of minor changes on the freewheel,and bearings,but now its time to upgrade and retire the eastons.
what do you guys think?
I am now 77kg.
expect to hit 75 in the next few months...
so problem sorted.
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ALAN Carbon+
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by ALAN Carbon+

Custom would be nice, something like White Industries hubs laced to one of the 23mm rim options (archetype, hed or pacenti) with DT Revolution/Sapim Laser if the wheel builder thinks it will work for your riding style or maybe DT Comp/Sapim Race.

Spoke count and type is worth discussing with the builder.

Maybe try TWE in Sydney (has good things said about him on other forums for the build), I'm sure some of the Sydney folks (I'm in Canberra) might have other suggestions.

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by senator52

I'm 85kg and just had a custom wheelset built for me using the following:

Pacenti SL23 rims
Alchemy ELF (front hub)
White Industries T11 (rear hub) - cheaper than Alchemy ORC UL (mainly for wife approval purposes)
Sapim CX-Rays 24 front and 28 rear

I think I was quoted 1455 grams for the wheelset.

You could save some weight on spoke count (maybe?), an ORC UL rear hub, or if it's just an event wheelset maybe Alpha 340 rims.

Mine were more for training purposes, so I wasn't trying to cut weight to an absolute minimum.

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Mavic Rsys wts
Neutron Ultra
Shimano c24 cl
Meilenstein clincher

Tinker, Taylor, Tart
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by RichTheRoadie

Nick Both ( worth tapping up - he's built me some wheels based on Royce hubs (which I was importing, but will probably stop soon) that are damn good. I've had a set of 40mm carbon tubs from him (Gigantex rim) and a set of H Plus Son TB14 clinchers. Neither of them budge under hard efforts, and I weigh the same as you.

He's based in Sydney (Chatswood), but I'm sure he could easily send a set of wheels your way.

If you don't go hand built, I'd suggest something running the Mavic Exalith rim - purely based on the performance of the braking.

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by Beancouter

Strada wheels (uk) get good feedback (although not used myself). They will spec a set of wheels to budget and ride type.

Have spoken to them and very helpful

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by Clubagreenie

Hey mate , I am 100 kilo and could do with dropping another 5 kilo ... however I have Campag Eurus and have had SHAMAL's and Fulcrum 0,1,3 and custom built rims by TWE .
My personal experiances :
Shamal , best light weight
Fulcrum 0 , same as Shamal
TWE Custom made carbon clinchers
TWE Custom made alloy clinchers
Campag Eurus
Fulcrum 1
Fulcrum 3 which constantly came out f shape

Best rim that never needed truing and spun like fluid motion TWE in all forms. Greg Ryan is a GURU and best kept secret in Australia
2012 KUOTA KOM Team Edition Campag SR11 .....My mistress
2012 RIDLEY HELIUM being built up ....

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by bigpab

Thanks guys
Great feedback so far I have a new ideas,
I'll try to get in touch with the bosch,
Which of the Mavics would you like best bike tart ?
My dad lives in Europe he's as old as the Pyrenees he rides at and he only rides mavic even tho he's like 17kg lighter.
Would you consider passing the Reynolds attack to everyday training and going for a nice upgrade?
I'm not sure about the carbon for everyday.i want a wheel i can use for everything,and complements or even improves my reynolds attack...
i had my eye on the fulcrum zero,
however like i said im very much clueless and looking for as much input as possible
whats ppl opinion on the fulcrum zero? how the rate on lightness,everyday usage? i also like the ardennes fr...look light and ive heard they pretty hard.

Also any feedback on the campag neutron?

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

bigpab, I highly recommend using the 'search' function.

You'll find a lot of answers through that, without having to wait for people to reply. There is a wealth of information in there.

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by bigpab

thanks tinea
i had a look
no rush,i`m happy to wait if ppl wants to give me their feedback.

i know it must be annoying to get guys writing the same questions over and over again,
but you know we`re all different,so im trying to learn what other guys in about my weight have to say.
Boschwheels look really nice
has anyone any experience?
Thanks for your patience...

by Weenie

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Genuinely, there is heaps of stuff on this.

You're not the first heavy WW who wants light wheels ;)

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