Your Favorite Clincher Tires?

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by Ozrider

I have been a long time fan if the Conti GP4000S as it is a fantastic all round tyre, even though it might not be as supple as some other tyres.
I have recently tried the Bontrager R3 tyres in 23 (191g) and 25mm (202g) they are lighter than the Contis, have excellent grip in the dry and so far seem quite durable after a month and a few Crit races.
I have not really ridden them in rain, so I can't comment on their wet weather performance, but sprinkler runoff etc has not caused any loss of grip.

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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Nevermind, I'm passing on the new Specialized Turbo clinchers: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=121480

Schwalbe Ultremos have never treated me badly and I'm staying the course.

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by myndog

I'm using now michelin pro 3/michelin krylium carbon. I really love these tires. However gonna buy GP4000s for my new carbon clinchers :)

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by Stefano

Just got some Veloflex masters... I'm in love. I've used other high end tires and not been that impressed- these ones though I can actually feel the difference to a large degree. I use those for race wheels, gatorskins for training (used to race on them too, but no longer :) )

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by UncleJamsArmy

I've tried Conti GP4000s, Michelin Pro Race 4 SC's, Veloflex Corsa 22's, and Vittoria Corsa CX's, and the Vittoria's are all I try to use for training and racing with my clincher wheels. They're not the longest lasting (those would be the GP4000s) or the best feeling (those would be the Veloflex's), but the Vittoria's easily put the best combination of the two in one tire, IMO. YMMV.

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by thp

Vittoria Open Corsa SR. They ride soooo nice on 23mm wide rims. Previous GP4000s were nice too (25mm) but the Open Corsa feel just a bit more buttery. It's like going from Continental DW (GP4000S) to Pilot Super Sports (Open Corsa).

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by michaelten

I just put Schwalbe One on my bike in 25's. I really like them so far, seem the same Ultremo's I have used previously.

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by CarpetFibre

Summer: Veloflex Master (Records for short races like hill climbs)
Winter: Challenge Parigi Roubaix 27mm or Challenge Strada 25mm.

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by nayr497

Hey lads,

I've read the thread & ridden a bunch of these tires, looking to purchase some new tires for the looming spring. Need something to get through the cold Northern Hemisphere winter, right?

I'm trying to decide between Vittoria Open Corsa CXs and Veloflex Corsas. I'm going to try out some 25s, though on a normal Open Pro width rim, so maybe not a huge feel difference, but want to try it. I know the Veloflex tend to not run try to advertised size.

I have ridden Open Corsa 23s and Master 23s on this wheelset/bike. The Vittorias felt a bit nicer. I do know they tend to wear a bit faster and some think they are dangerous in wet weather. I haven't had any problems, but this bike doesn't see many wet days. Will be paired with Vredestein latex tubes.

Thinking of going all black, though the bike has some blue and the Masters in blue look kinda nice.

Can't make up my mind between the Veloflex Corsas or the Vittoria Open Corsas. Similar price too. Ideas?
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by WMW

nayr497 wrote:Can't make up my mind between the Veloflex Corsas or the Vittoria Open Corsas. Similar price too. Ideas?

The Vittorias are a little faster. The Veloflex are maybe a little more durable and have better traction, and are actually made in Italy. Very similar tires anyway.
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by nayr497

Thanks, WMW. I went for the Veloflex Corsas in 25mm. Have never ridden 25s on this bike, might not be a big change since I know the Veloflex tend to run small and there are normal width Open Pro rims.

Now I'll have Veloflex on my three main road bikes. I guess I'll be rollin' in brand-affinity style. I would like to try out the Vittoria SCs, but they tend to be around $15 USD more expense than Veloflex tires.
A good day becomes a better day with a bicycle ride.

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by Ekorre

Just tried the GP4000s in the 25mm version and is very impressed. Usually ride tubs but the ride comfort on these are rivaling.

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by willieboy

Conti GP4000S for me. Currently on 25mm version and really like them. Comfortable, wear well and roll great.

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by Wederkinck

Another vote for Conti GP4000S. Great affordable allround tire.

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by HillRPete

CarpetFibre wrote:Winter: Challenge Parigi Roubaix 27mm or Challenge Strada 25mm.

Have the PRs been updated with better puncture protections? Says "Double PPS" now, on the website.

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