Campagnolo Bullet

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by sawyer

1654g is not bad for those wheels.

Campagnolo are about 8 years too late to market with this product!
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by monofin

Willier wrote:So, does anybody got them? I would like to know how do they ride compared to the Cosmic SL`s
Oh, and some photos of them on the bike would be nice

I do not know the Cosmic SL but with the bullets I'm happy :-)

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Giant DK
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by Giant DK

neeb wrote:
Giant DK wrote:Sorry, too late :( After around 500 km on them I delieved them back yesterday for stiffness meassuring and photoshooting. I return I got a set of Shimano Dura-Ace WH-7900-C50-CL too test :wink:

It'd be really interesting to know the results of those tests - have they been published yet?

Anyone who has these wheels - esp. the Bullet Ultra 50s or Fulcrum Red Wind XLR 50s - please post weights and tell us how they ride! :)

Can't find any reviews yet, other than this one from bike radar of the standard (heavier) Bullets. Looks positive though -

Yes, they where published last autumn in our magazine But I can give the some results here:

Campagnolo Bullet Ultra 50 mm: 925 gram/ 736 gram / 71,2 Nm/degree / 102,4 Nm/degree
Shimano Dura-Ace WH-7900-C50-CL: 937 gram / 768 gram / 71,5 Nm/degree / 122 Nm/degree

We also tested Zipp 404 Firecrest Clincher and ENVE 65 clincher :wink:
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by Valbrona

5 8 5 wrote:
milroy wrote:And the name is awfully tacky for Campag.

Name recycling? They already had the name from the old shifters. If the decals are the same as current Campag wheels they're easily removed.
As you say the weight matches / betters the competition and throw in quality hubs they're certainly worth considering.

Campagnolo first used the Bullet name over a decade ago now, but I guess it is still a registered product name. Perhaps we can one day expect to see the re-emergence of Olympus? And who was the idiot that chose Daytona?

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by Engbirk

In what issue of Cykelmagasinet did you test the wheels?

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I am looking at a set of these (non ultra) as they arent too expensive. I haven been unable to find any reviews anywhere on this wheelset. Does anyone here have a set and what do you think of them?

I am interested in how aero they are and I am interested in what their actual weight is, is it the same as actual weight?

They are to go onto a Triathlon/Ironman bike.

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by Geoff

Ok, thats nice.

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