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by shimmeD

BHS has discontinued TB25 so not on their site anymore.
It's 592
Less is more.

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by LouisN

Nah, unmounted my wheels today. Measured ERD is 588-589.
It's a spoke cutting and threading day ... :)

Louis :)

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by ddsg

Can someone help me with spoke length? I'm trying to build up a set of Flo 45 rims with Bitex RAF10/RAR9 (20/24). ERD is 548.4mm. Radial front and 2 cross rear.

I've tried plugging the numbers into different calculators online and I get differing numbers from all of them...

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by bm0p700f

Always use spokecalc. Download the spreadsheet from Sheldon brow bar site. It never lies unless you put the wrong lengths in.

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by WinterRider

Same math algorithms as calc.. more user friendly.. can input variations on the cross..nice for figure more complex lacings.

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by LouisN

HI again all builders ,
Question (sorry if it's been covered before): What ERD number do I use for Shimano internal nipples on a Shimano C75 tubular build ?
Do I have to add a few mm's to the ERD, since the spokes have to enter the rim more than a standard nipple ? By how many mm's ? ...
I use Spokalc spreadsheet.
Thanks :beerchug: !
Louis :)

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by duvla

Hi folks, I would appreciate some help from you!

I got a set of Ritchey WCS Road Rim brake Hubs, new 'phantom flange' version, 20/24 holes. Lacing pattern, front radial, back radial/2 cross.
The set weighs only 68+218g, and I thought that I could make a same/similar wheelset to the Zeta II wheels this hub is actually made for.

Unfortunately there is no way that I can buy Zeta II rims (both asymmetrical), the nearest cousin seems to be DT rr411 / rr411 asymmetric.

My actual question is - Ritchey uses 44 DT Swiss New Aero spokes, the heaviest aero spoke they make for both Zeta II and much pricier Apex wheels, and probably with a good reason.
I have found those on special order for some 3 euro/piece, but I would rather pay a little less if that is possible.
Alternatives are:

- CN Aero494 as a direct substitute for New Aero only much cheaper and probably of much lesser quality

- DT Aero Comp as a middle road version, still very sturdy but lighter and much cheaper (around 1.59 euro/pice)

- Sapim CX-Ray - going down the lightweight route, but I am not sure if that isn't a dumb move, I weigh 85kg and the roads where I live are quite bad, I am not sure that ~1400g wheelset is a good choice for me.

If the price and weight of DT New Aero spokes would prove worthy in the long run, and make the wheels stay true and sound for a while I don't mind parting with the money, I just don't know if there is any real advantage vs Aero Comp spokes which should (in my humble opinion) do the same job.

Bike is a 2015 Canyon Ultimate CF, some 6.9kg with current Ksyrium Elite S set, not used for racing, I am too old for that now :)

What do you folks think? Thanks in advance!!!


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