Glueing tubulars [the tubular thread]

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by Roadrocket

Thx! He used clear silicone, I was thinking rather about black silicone.

by Weenie

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by Roadrocket

Just thinking about my AC3 grooves on my Bora wheels, I really don´t want to fill them with silicone.
Probably I´ll have to cover it with some tape.

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by cyclingmasterseller

I've been riding tubulars now since 1986, and regardless of all manufactures CYA clauses, I can safely say that when initially gluing on tubulars, namely the continental comps and TTs, it is safe to say that applying one good layer of glue to a carbon rim is fine, letting it become super-tacky, then apply the slightly-stretched tubular and pump up to around 80psi, make alignment adjustments, then fill to 170psi or more -- job done!
But the real time-saver is when you go to re-apply glue -- no need to do this every time, and yes it's safe not to. To my Lightweights I take a cotton cloth, douse it in white gas, then carefully rub the inner-rim with it until the glue becomes super-tacky once again, then quickly install your tubular. It has always worked for me, as I have tested over many years now. The key in making sure the tire pressure is filled to max after installation -- any less psi and you'll loose a tire for sure.

I run Continental Competition in the rear at 170psi and a Continental Podium TT in the front, also at 170psi -- both tires are 19mm wide, but grip extremely well on my 2007-8 Pinarello Dogma. Bike weighs in at 6.54kg. Frame is a 55cm, AK61 magnesium, all else is carbon. I am about to swap out my Arundel water bottle cages (35 grams each) for the newer and lighter cages by Lightweight (at 18 grams each).

2007-8 Pinarello Dogma AK61

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by KCookie

170psi, really. My pump doesn't even go that high. Surely that will be a really uncomfortable harsh ride.
I run 22mm on my Lightweights and pump to 95psi for rear 85 front.

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by atakaoka

Hi any one has tried specialized glue? How does it perform?
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