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by campagowlo

I have a veloflex carbon that had a slow leak last year. Replaced the valve core as I thought that was the cause and it wasn’t. Experimented with maxalami sealant, it now holds air very well. Will fold it and use it as a spare.

by Weenie

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by beanbiken

Up until now I had not heard of Maxalami sealant and reading the product description on R2Bike I’m not sure if it is or isn’t latex based. I do know that if it is and you fold it to use as a spare the inner tube will glue together making it unusable.....

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by fdegrove


That's why I like Caffeelatex so much. You can deflate the treated tubular and it won't make the latex inner tube stick together.
All in all it works very well for me.

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by campagowlo

It says artificial latex on the bottle - so I will soon see if it sticks or not......

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by KCookie

Last week I got a puncture in a Vittoria corsa speed, only a small hole but it wouldn't seal. Changed the tyre on the side of the road so I to get home. The following day I tried inflating and now air was leaking from the base of the valve.
I must have damaged it whilst rolling it up tightly to get it back in the saddle bag.
Is there any way I could fix the tyre or could it be professionally fixed.
Tyre has only done a few hundred km.

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