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by bcmf

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Sat Feb 23, 2019 5:13 pm
Don't bin it, just store it until you have enough tires to bother shipping them off to get fixed.
Last time I did that , and it wasnt Rons fault, I got hit with customs duty when they arrived back in Ireland. Customs werent even interested in the fact I sent them out in the first place.
Effectivley negated the cost of getting them repaired.

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by Rossin67

For what it's worth, I was in a pinch and glued the basetape on with some Loctite flexable adhesive that I had. I will never use anything else again, it's perfect. Dries fast and no issues when riding. Rode it about 600 miles or so before the tire finally wore out. When I peeled the tire back off the rim the tape held.


by Weenie

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by audioblazer

Hi need some info . Is Continental GP4K S2 Tubular punctured repairable ?

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by 1415chris

It's seamless construction, so if you mean whether it can be open for repair, answer is nope.
Smaller punctures can be fixed as any other tub using sealant.

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by audioblazer

Yup open up for repair. Thanks

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