bike maintenance: unable to fir tyres onto rim

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by raptor2003

wheels: zipp 303 clincher 2008

tyres: GP4000S

no matter how much I tried, the bead has like 10cm outside the rim and cannot be forced in

tyres are 25-622

I can fit those tyres on fulcrum rim 622-15 though

anybody know wassup with the zipp? what size are they?

how can I avoid this in future when buying tyres for zipp

TIA :)

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by CharlesM

It's snug, but I have used that exact combination...

There are a few wheel and tire combinations that are just a pain. Zipp build to a full 700 and the fitting is pretty close (and varies almost none as they have to fit carbon to the metal hoop). Conti build to the tight side...

by Weenie

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by mofo

You may want to try some talcum powder, or soapy water. I had the same problem with neutron ultras and conti tires.

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by Ronnie-the-scot

Talc or var tyre levers (google them) they work a treat

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by prendrefeu

and try really, really, really hard.
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by drjones96

yeah...I've had some that pretty much just fell onto the rim with no force......and alternatively I've had some tires that didn't seem like they were the right size because they took gorilla force to get them on. Even did a double check to make sure I wasn't trying to put a 650 on a 700. :lol:

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by ghisallo2003

Yes, there are some poor combinations out there, but with perseverance, sweat, swearing and tears, they generally do go on.

Which is ok if you are in your living room, but when it is -4C outside, and you are stuck by the side of the road, your wife is at work, and it is getting dark, it is altogether less fun. Tyres do soften up with use, so it is decreasingly a problem, but I have, in the past, simply returned tyres and found ones are a better combination.

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by garysol1

My 404's are tight with pretty much every tire. I do have GP4000's on there now but I had to use my plastic tire lever to pry the tire the last wee bit. It requires a bit of effort but it will go....
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roca rule
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by roca rule

i have found that contis combined with anything are a hard fitting. this is what i do to to make my tires to fitt better tossthem in the oven at 150% for five to ten minutes take out set on the rim and ready before inflatting rub with a damped sponge.

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by BikeMechanic

Start installing the tire bead, opposite of the valve stem and finish off at the valve stem. Sometimes this makes it a bit easier...

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

roca's on the money - Conti tyres make me want to scream some time.

Exactly the same issues with them on Fulcrum rims.

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by speedwobbles

Make sure that the side of the tire which is already on the rim and the restof the side you are trying to put on are in the center of the rim bed, just like mounting a car tire. this ensures you have as much bead to work with as possible. but some combos are just plain hard, and that's why everyone should have one of these: ... px?sc=FRGL

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by addictR1

as stupid as changing a flat may be.. i'm about fed up with this.

just got my farsport 38mm clinchers along with some new Michelin Pro4 Service Road tires.

man is it a biatch to install the Pro4 tires on there. the front tire went on just fine.. but the rear.. i already have 2 pinch flats and repaired it with the park patch. and just when it's reaching close to blows...

i already took the pro4 off once and put it back on.. not sure if i should do it again.

any suggestions on how to do this? hate to waste more patches.. but i don't have a spare tube laying around. :noidea:

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by addictR1

22 views and no suggestions? someone help a brother out...

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by Gazelleer

The thinnest rim tape you can find may help a bit.

by Weenie

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