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by vdrey

If they are 2900tpi and not as smooth as other tires, you need to get your money back!

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by Wielrenner

Someone knowing something about the quality of these ones? ... -tire.html

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by kgt

Very nice tires or a vintage bike IMO.


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by reippuert

vdrey wrote:I'm thinking of building a set of basic tubular wheels just to see what tubular tires are all about, but before I dive in to this project, I wanted to settle on which tires I should use.

I want something inexpensive, but reasonably durable. I will be using them on some terrible roads so they need to be puncture resistant and high volume (25mm+).

Due to my limited budget, they need to be inexpensive.

Would the yellow jersey tubulars fit my needs?


I've just received a bunch of yellowjersy's corsa's.

    They are dead round and uniform.
    Easy to glue, though the base tape requires more glue than my Conti Competitions.
    They seem very flat resistant (lots of flint here in Denmark, nice veloflex or vittoria clichers are guaranteed to flat after a rain shower).
    The roll very nice at 7(front)-7,5(rear) bar. A bit bumpy when i increase the pressure.
    After 1000km i can't se any signs of wear on the rear (82kg). My Competion's where starting to have a flat end profile after 1000km.
    They are not as fast Competitions or even Sprinter Gatorskins, but not slower than a decent clincher at twice the cost (Michelin Pro2Race, Vredenstein Fortezza's or GP4000S with butyl tubes). Last year i switched from Michelin 25mm Pro2Race and rode 25mm veloflex clinchers which are faster then the Yellowjersy's.

For their cost even including postage to Europe + danish sales taxes (25%) they can't be beaten. They are much nicer that other training tires (Giro's, Rallye etc).

only disadvantage: they are only available in 21,5mm.

I did ask Yellowjersy if they had plans to sell a larger volume version, this is their reply:

"We looked into a wider tire but we aren't confident about the volume.
It comes in about 3x the cost under our best projections so we stopped."
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by Getter

Wow...I may just give those Yellow Jersey tires a shot. My rear Sprinter Gatorskins are close to being done. They are not much wider than the 21,5mm.

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by LouisN

Anth73 wrote:Went for my first ride on Vittoria Corsa Elites on the weekend fitted to 50mm carbon wheels. They are butyl tubed with a 290tpi thread count. Whilst they are not as smooth as my Vittoria CX's they still provide a better ride than my clinchers. Grip appeared to be fine in damp conditions too.

+1 although I'm not shure I can feel the difference most of the time :oops:

Louis :)

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by tomyboy123

Probably not the first to ask.... :oops:
I am replacing 21mm TUFO S3 for something wider(25mm) and came across Challenge Strada Pro Tubular.
My first choice was to try Veloflex Arenberg, but this Challenge tubulars have some good reviews.
Can someone provide me long term use of this tubulars, especially regarding the basic: puncture resistance, weare and rolling resistance.

Thanks :beerchug:

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by mattyNor

I am now a die hard fan of challenge tubs, I'm running a pair of strada's and got a 2 inch nail in my rear during a ride. I wasn't running any sealant at the time so I just pushed the nail in further until in cleared the frame and did another 20km without issue. In the morning I pumped up the tire to ride to a shop to buy sealant made it about 200m before the nail fell out and I had to walk the rest of the way :'( . Little bit of latex sealant and some patience and the hole sealed right up and has been good for another 200km-ish. I would post a picture of the tire but can't figure it out on mobile.

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by sovereign

Currently riding Veloflex Arenbergs on DA C50 and they are outstanding. So far, no problems with durability...

Just picked up these DA C24.


I have on hand 2 Conti Comps 25c, 4 Arenbergs, and a couple of lightly used 22c Conti Sprinters that came with the C50s when I bought them. If the Arenbergs are working out, is there any reason to try the Conti Comps? :?

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by Calnago

I find the Arrenbergs really great, same tire as the Roubaixs except the Roubaixs have the tan sidewall. Where I find Conti Comps better is in the wet weather, their compound just seems to like rain and water for some reason. But they are a pain in the ass to mount. I have them on my dedicated rain bike but even then, I'll take a Veloflex spare along because in the event of a flat on the road that sealant won't fix, then I'd hate to have to try to mount a conti comp and have small children laughing at me as they say "Mommy, look at that big guy who is crying because he can't get that tire on his bicycle wheel". I haven't had to ride the Arrenbergs much over nasty chipseal, where cuts can be the biggest issue. Vittorias are the absolute worst in my experience for cutting, and I don't use them anymore so stay away from those if you're on any type of chipseal.

I suppose it wouldn't hurt to at least try the Conti Comps. Other than the mounting, I don't mind them at all. I know they get a terrible rap here but if you find the right pressure, they're good, and if you're riding on chipseal most of the time, I don't think you'll notice much of a difference anyway. Plus, they hold air having a butyl tube and all.
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by Imaking20

Over the last couple of days, I've been looking for somewhere to share my recent thoughts on Arenbergs - this looks like my chance!

About a week ago, I mounted up a set on my wife's 3.4s. I've been, um, testing them since and have been super pleased. I did a couple commute days last week, then a fair bit of gravel on Saturday, a lot of chipseal and (unfortunately) a bunch of wet roads on Sunday, and more commuting yesterday. I think I'm in love. The ride and grip has been fantastic - good enough to make me wonder if I'd written off the 3.4s too soon. I'm thinking I'll snag a pair of Roubaixs now to put on the 58s to see if the ride quality afforded by those tires is good enough to offset the mildly abusive ride of the wheels.

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by sovereign

To clarify, it's not all chip and seal, most of the roads are very good-enough to appreciate how well the Veloflex ride. Chip and seal is just the worst of the conditions I see. And no wet riding- it's easy enough to avoid here.

I had almost talked myself into running the Arenbergs on both wheel sets and selling the Contis. Upsides to the Comps are that I "imagine" that they may have a bit more grip, a little better puncture prevention, and I think they look better. :roll:

But, I don't want to "ruin" this somewhat lightweight wheelset with Contis if I that will be the case.

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by Calnago

I also think the Conti's may have a bit more "grip", especially in wet conditions, and I just like the dotted tread pattern. I also like that "look". I don't know if I can say they have better puncture protection than the Arrenbergs, that's really hard to determine, but I know they both seem hold up pretty well against cuts. Are the Continental's heavier than the Arrenbergs? I'm not sure... if so I doubt by much. My only gripe with the Contis is mounting. Been stretching some for about 3 weeks now... perhaps they're ready to mount. Ha.

Edit: Ok... just weighed a couple brand new tires, and the Continental was lighter:
Continental Competition 25mm: 275g
Veloflex Arrenberg 25mm: 290g
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by sawyer

Agree with Calnago ... the Contis are a bit better in the wet and because they are tight and round, once you get them on, they usually mount very well ... though I appreciate Veloflex are pretty good in that regard also, and FAR easier to mount. FWIW, other things being equal, Conti's are the last tub you'll ever roll off the rim ...

I wouldn't sell the Comps. They are good tyres that in a 25mm at the right pressure would be perfectly acceptable and while not as comfortable as the Arenbergs, just console yourself with the small weight saving and the way they look (along with Veloflex Carbon they are the best looking tyre IMO)
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by eurperg

My only issue with Arenberg and Roubaix is that especially after riding in the wet, the base tape starts to separate from the casing. This happens especially with the rear tire that gets all the spray from the front tire. It doesn't happen immediately, but after a season or two. (I have four wheelsets so each pair of tires lasts for a couple of years.) Maybe I should try Aquaseal?

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