Topolino Speedrelease - anyone heard of this?

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by bobalou

If they can come down another 60-80 grams it will be competitive - but looks like a nice system.

From Bikeradar: ... ers-39307/

"The whole setup, including the receptacle, tips the scales at just 140 grams – an even lighter titanium version is on the way. That said, it reportedly offers twice the bending stiffness of a traditional quick release. It's also authorized by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), so it should be kosher to use in high-profile bike races."

Topolino founder Rafe Schlanger is now looking at licensing the technology to hub manufacturers.

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by Orfitinho

I can't see any advantage against standard QR-skewers. The time to mount a wheel is the same. Not?

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