Enve 45 mm clincher problem

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by sharkman

Hi first of all sorry for the poor pics but since I'm abroad my phone is the best option to shoot some pics of the problem.

Story: in november together with my new s3 I also bought a pair of 20/24 45 mm enve clinchers. Although at first I was far from impressed by the finishing qualitiy of the rims I decided to have them build by a reputable dutch wheelbuilder (sapim spokes and dt hubs)
I put 22 mm veloflex carbon clinchers and vredestein inner tubes on ( inflated to 7 bar)
Since april this years I used them on approx. Seven rides on flat roads. I really like their stiffness what I dislike is the grabby braking which isn't a problem on flat roads but I wouldn't use them on descends since my confidence would suffer.
Since april i tried three different brakepads (enve, swisstop black prince and reynolds cryo) but no improvement so far
At the last ride I found the brakewall of the rear rim is moving out causing a bump in the braking
This specific point is near the point where the rim is joined together and a reinforcement spot on the inside with small holes and what looks like a hair crack
Needless to say I'm far from impressed and for safety won't ride these anymore.
I allready own two pair of enve tubulars an a pair of meilensteins and all are trouble free. At 90 kg I'm not that light but I brake short (don't ride my brakes) 80% front and for climbing I use alloys.
At the moment can't think of anything I did wrong. Does anybody experience the same or know of a bad batch of these rim ( have to say some china rims come at a better finishing standard)

Will contact enve later this week since the dutch distributor unfortunatly went out of business


by Weenie

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by ultimobici

This is on Enve's website
In order to preserve your warranty, we only recommend the use of ENVE's carbon brake pads on our carbon rims. We developed the compound for our brake pads through extensive brake track testing. Through our comprehensive testing, we developed our proprietary grey pad compound which provides optimized power, modulation, heat management, and wet weather performance to ensure an ENVE ride experience.

Also there's this
ENVE requires the use of their pads in order for ENVE’s Five Year Warranty to take effect.

So although the rims may have been faulty initially, your use of Swissstops may render the warranty void. Good luck

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by sharkman

Sorry i was incomplete I only changed pads in front since it was the front rim that had uneven braking. I got the enve grey pads for free and after 4 rides they still where like new and performance was far from good.
The swisstops by the way are less abrasive and so are the reynolds

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by davidalone

looks like you maybe hit a pothole hard or something to me. that flat spot on the rim isn't major but it does look like it is damaged abit.

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by mimason

I have the 65s and they are bulletproof for 30k miles. I think you hit something(pothole) especially since its your rear wheel and damage appears to be on both sides of the wheel. ENVE has good CS and should crash replace it for you at a low cost. No way is that a QC issue IMO.

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by sharkman

I'll let you know how it ends had a rontgen scan done and the problem definitely starts at the inside of the rim (small hair cracks)
I agree the brake walls look like they took a hit but it must have happened before the wheelbuild since I only used the wheels on tarmac without hitting any pothole.
Problem is the enve distributor in Holland stopped and the shop that sold me the wheels is more than happy to sponsor me with a pair of no name carbon clinchers but I choose enve's so I'll contact Enve and see what they can do

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by WMW

sharkman wrote:At the moment can't think of anything I did wrong.

Your first picture is so out of focus, but it looks like it's bowing out right at the bladder plug. That would be a rim defect most likely. Can you get a better pic of that?
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by sharkman

You're 100're 100% correct will make better pics when my job in france is done and I return home

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by NiFTY

You say they took a hit prior to being built? Are these second hand rims - cause if so, obviously no warranty.
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by Weenie

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by wheelsONfire

That rim looks repaired (badly), or deformed (heat)?
What has happened, never seen anything like this.
It seems you need to have a new rim.

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