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Re: Equinox wheels

Posted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 5:31 pm
beeing a wheel builder I've built some of the Gigantex rims, 50mm tub., 50mm clincher, 82mm tub

There are several versions of rims. With internal or external nippels and the 20mm version in a heavier one (e.g labeled as 4ZA) with about 400 grams and a lighter one with 250 grams.

Here are some real world weights:
50mm tub, external nipple: 410-435 grams
50mm tub, internal nipple: 435-440 grams
50mm clincher, external nipple: 504-510 grams
82mm tub, internal nipple: 589 grams (have only put one of this on the scale)

Those rims are okay for a budget-priced carbon wheelset. If you want someting better (but not in the price range of Edge, AX and Reynolds) I recomment Corirma rims. Only 100 € more expensive, but supplied with cork brake pads, wheel bag and nipple spanner.

@ johanfl: I have the same wheelset with black hubs here. Mine have PRYM Spokes in them, not Sapim. Could you check whether there's cleary a Sapim label on them or a big P?

BTW: freehub can be easily changed with the Novatec freehub with the needle bearing in it. ;)

Re: Equinox wheels

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 2:15 am
by Murphs
I was just having a look at the UCI Approved wheel list.

A new Equinox wheels have been approved for use.

Notably: RT033/RT038/RT050

Re: Equinox wheels

Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:29 pm
by xnavalav8r
Reviving an old thread...

Anyone know a source for this brand in the US?

Re: Equinox wheels

Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:06 pm
by kavitator
saw top model with carbon spokes...looks better than lightweight!

little less stiff than duraace 50mm tubular (try on "hand" left - right )

very beautiful finish (hub,spokes,rim 50mm tubular)

i hope try them soon

rider weight limit is 100kg

for 1000g set low profile 90kg

i love taiwan :D

Re: Equinox wheels

Posted: Thu Mar 03, 2011 5:25 pm
by sleepingmenace
Gigantex / Equinox makes the rims for Pro-Lite.. and the 50mm clincher is no doubt used in the Gavia 50 .. but.. in fairness to it.. it's a reasonable weight, very tough rim, and the Gavia is a very tough wheelset.
I'm 115kg.. and I've got a pair of Gavia 50's which have stood up to everything without complaint, flex a LOT less than the SRAM S60's which they replaced (because the rear SRAM broke at the valve stem hole) and after many km's on everything from my rollers, to the notoriously bad local roads, they're still true, still straight and the spokes haven't loosened.
For lightweight guys, yes you can without question find lighter rims, but these do have a place, certainly for heavier guys they're an excellent option.
With some good hub options.. these might be quite interesting..

Re: Equinox wheels

Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:58 am
by redoaker
Where can Equinox / (Gigantex) rims be purchased by an individual? Rims, not wheelsets. I'm in the U.S. Is there an agent in Taiwan selling these? Sources with minimum order quantities of (10) or more rims will not help me.

Equinox Wheels

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:17 pm
by benhama
Has anyone had any experience with Equinox wheels? I might be able to get a very good deal on a set of these:

Any thoughts?

Re: Equinox wheels

Posted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 1:50 pm
by cocoka ... -MutatAlap
it's cca 600 euro in hungary
My friends have a Rt 38 wheelset,good and nice!!(he bought in a little town in hungary,1 years ago 400 euro(!!!) ;)
send a mail,to Cervelo Hungary.......

They used to manufacture my parts.

Posted: Sun Sep 01, 2013 12:42 pm
by carbonLORD
I can get them. I actually just saw them yesterday at Eurobike. Some nice new wheels out there, for a lot less then the big hitters but honestly I have no experience on anything new with them, since 2010.

Re: Equinox wheels

Posted: Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:58 am
by JanEQNX
Hello everyone,
my name is Jan, between riding my bike I also usually care about Equinox Wheels marketing.
I found this thread and decided to join WW community, so I can be closer to you and join the discussion.

If you have any questions (or doubts) regarding Equinox wheels, you can contact me here or drop me an e-mail jan.habich(at)
Have a safe ride!

Re: Equinox wheels

Posted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 1:29 am
by chiumomo
Hi JanEQNX, how can we purchase equinox rim individually?

Re: Equinox wheels

Posted: Wed Aug 06, 2014 7:43 am
by JanEQNX
Hello chiumomo,
thanks for your question. I assume that you want to build your wheels but we provide spare rims for service purposes only.

For us the wheel means perfectly tuned and tested set. Hole drilling angle, spoke tension, etc. are very important and we can't guarantee things like this to comply with other parts – which can potentially destroy the rim. Therefore we don't sell individual rims to wheel builders.
Hope you understand this.

Re: Equinox wheels

Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2014 10:14 am
by JanEQNX
Hello everyone,
just FYI, we will be probably revealing our new model in 2015 codenamed MiRacle. Wheelset should be around 1100 grams, but we are still testing and tweaking, so weight can change a little. It's a one-piece wheel with zero tension spokes. And we love it :wink:

Re: Equinox wheels

Posted: Sat Aug 30, 2014 12:47 pm
by Illuminate
@jan - love them! I wonder if they will have a max weight rating over 100kg?

Re: Equinox wheels

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2014 3:58 pm
by JanEQNX
@Illuminate: Well, the weight limit will be exactly 100 kg for this particular type of wheel.