The tubular sealant thread.

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by Calnago

nemeseri wrote:Very useful, thanks for sharing. I'm sure that's only me, but how do you use the hose with the sealant bottle? I detached the orange thingy and attached the hose, but when I squeezed the bottle, nothing went into the hose.

Not sure what you mean, the little orange cap twists off and you twist on the hose (it attaches to the cap exactly the way as the cap you just took off). Then you just push the open end of the hose onto the valve stem (after the core has been removed), and squeeze some sealant in there. Have the valve about between 4 and 5 o'clock when you do this so the sealant that you squeeze in runs down into the tube rather then gets sucked back up as soon as you release the squeeze if that makes sense. It will when you try it. Then put the valve core back in, rotate the puncture spot to the bottom to let the sealant get at it for a bit then pump it up. I use a hand pump and not C02. Sometimes it can take a little while for it to seal but it usually does. I rarely have to resort to putting on my spare tube, but I do carry one with me.
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by savechief

Here is the Slowtwitch test that was referenced earlier in which Orange Seal and Bontrager performed the best. ... j4155.html

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by Weenie

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by Lafolie

great stuff...cheers guys

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by Nefarious86

That looks like a decent pocket solution
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by amey

I use this in my tubulars, never had a p***ct*r* though so cant comment on its effective.

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by MikeyBE

So far so good with Caffèlatex fixing a 2mm glass cut on a pave 25mm tub!

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by davidw

I carry a small bottle of the standard formula Orange Seal. Got a glass cut on a conti comp and it has sealed it up no problem. Only issue is they only sell it in massive bottles that may be inconvenient for carrying on the bike. Luckily I have plenty of 1 and 2 oz bottles from work.

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by istigatrice

what type of bottles are people using to carry their sealant? I've got a stans 2oz/60ml bottle but that doesn't seal very well... Ideas?
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by russianbear

I've had the best luck with Orange seal in my tubs.

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by sungod

after a few years of using tufo extreme (very successfully) i thought i'd try orange seal, the downside with tufo being the limited shelf life

it seemed pretty thin vs. the tufo, but maybe that wouldn't matter

tried it for the first time yesterday on discovering i had a slow leak, squirted in about 20cc, inflated a bit, spun the wheel to spread it, then positioned with the puncture at the bottom, inflated fully, waited, seemed ok, then after a couple of minutes...

the result was quite spectacular, i'm torn between orange haze and orange rain, overall i think hendrix won

at least i was at home at the time and could grab a cloth to catch the spray before it coated everything in the vicinity

i ordered some more tufo extreme!

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by markyboy

I use tufo great stuff,whats the shelf life of tufo?
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by commfire

I picked up some Bontrager TLR

I will add this in the event of a flat. Does anyone have any insight how it will react with a Co2 cartridge versus a pump?

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by Fixie82

I used some Bontrager TLR in a recent tubeless set up. Seated the tyres using Co2, no issues. Just inflate with the valve at 12pm after letting the sealant pool at the bottom. Can still hear the sealant sloshing around after a couple of months.

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by sungod

markyboy wrote:I use tufo great stuff,whats the shelf life of tufo?

hard to be certain as there's no production date, i bought four in mid-2015 (it worked out cheaper at the time)

used two ok, but when i got to the third and fourth, they were already starting to set in the bottle (unopened)

once opened, the older bottles set fast, i'd normally expect to get 3 uses out of a bottle, the last bottle would only give two and one shots respectively

they were stored somrewhere cool/dark but presumably something volatile is seeping out over time

perhaps storing in the fridge would help extend life, but it seems best to plan on 12 months

by Weenie

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