The tubular sealant thread.

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by gumgardner

Why don't they hold CO2 well?

by Weenie

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by strobbekoen

CO2 permeates through latex a lot quicker.

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by allenpg

I added Stan's Notubes sealant to my Vittoria Open Corsa tubulars per the recommended amount (50-60 mL). I know this is added weight and increases rotational weight, but considering some of the roads I will use these on for training/racing, it's a good idea.

It seems as if 50-60 mL might be overkill for 700x23c tubular tires. Is this was people have used in past? Just curious what other opinions are. Thanks!


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by thprice

I only use Stan's sealant to fix a tubular (700x22) puncture after it has occurred.
    - Pinhole leaks typically only need 20-30 ml.
    - 1-2mm leaks typically need more, maybe 50-60 ml.

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by allenpg

Sounds like a good amount for repairs, but I'm using sealant ahead of time to be there if I need it during a ride.

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by fdegrove


It will only be effective (if at all) for the first couple of months. After that it'll be just dead weight.

Keep in mind as well that you'll need to keep that tyre inflated and in service (as in keeping it rollng) if you don't want a lump of cured latex at the lowest point of the unused tyre or, even worse, an inner tube stuck together internally with solidified latex....

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by Wookieopolis

I have had Caffélatex sealant in a pair of tubulars for about 16 months now (I should ride them more I know) and much to my surprise it is still very much liquid. I have no experience with the Stan's, but the Caffélatex stuff seems to stay liquid for quite a while. :noidea:

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by SLCBrandon

I used Stan's to seal a fairly large puncture caused by a Sheetrock screw in a Conti GP4000. It's right at the peak of the tread too and I didn't think it would even seal initially. Well, it sealed and is still going and will hold 90-100psi for weeks at a time between being used.

Personally love the stuff.

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by mariopoli

I purchased 240ml of Continental Revo Sealant. I plan to use it on Hutchinson Fusion 3 23mm Tubless tires as advance puncture prevention. There is a trade off between weight and puncture repair ability. Also the less volume the tire the less Sealant required. What range of tire sealant is recommended for this sealant and tire combination?

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by SalsaLover

I think a good tubular should not be ruined with sealant.

Better is to carry an spare tubular for training, purposes, or probably train on lower end tubulars with sealant inside ( like vittoria Rallys for example )

once the tubular is puctured it is better to attempt a repair at home, than to fill it with sealant just to get home.
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by Dammit

It's very convenient to just fire half a can of Pitstop into the tyre though and carry on your way as though nothing has happened.

I run tubular Gatorskins on my commuting bike, both tyres punctured in the first week, I used PitStop on both, they now have 1,100 miles on them since- and no further flats.

I suspect that the sealant is attending to minor punctures as they occur- every now and again I notice that the pressure has dropped in one of the tyres which would lend credence to this theory.

The rear is looking a bit worn now- but I reckon there is some way to go before I have to replace it.

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by sanrensho

Bumping this thread again.

I am about to dip my feet into tubulars and need to pick a sealant for repairs (not preventative).

From reading the last seven pages, Vittoria Pit Stop, Tufo Extreme, and Stan's are the most common, with Pit Stop and Tufo working for some, but Stan's working for nearly everyone.

I'm not too keen on carrying the bulkier Pit Stop. Is there a compelling reason to go with Tufo Extreme over Stan's?


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by Kayrehn

I used Stans before, but have since switched to Orange based on positive reviews. Haven't had a chance to try it though as yet! A good option to consider though, as I haven't heard anything bad about it.

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by superdx

I've had 3 instances where Stan's failed to plug a flat tire, but all 3 cases the tire was already pretty heavily damaged. Conti Competitions (for me anyways) seem to lose a lot of tread just through normal riding, especially the rear, and just wears down to a point where failure is inevitable. Longest I've gotten out of a new tire is 1 year, shortest is just 2 months.

But for those 3 failures, Stans also saved me about 8 times. But it's enough to get me thinking about going back to clincher wheels just so I can swap a tube (or patch it) and keep riding. Such a bummer to have to cab it back home and have the rest of the ride wasted :(

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by Nefarious86

The e13 sealant has bigger chunks in it. May be a good alternative?
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by Weenie

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