Can J-bend spokes be used on SP hubs like this?

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by alcatraz

Hey wws.

Here's a crazy thought.

I'd like to cross lace the radial nds flange of a rear straightpull hub. I'm thinking to use a round J-bend spoke to let me angle the spokes and cross them. If the angle is steep enough resulting in the head laying nearly flat against the inside of the flange, would it be possible to pull it off?


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by bm0p700f

You'll crack the flange or stand a good chance of doing so. Not to mention breaking spokes. With you want to cross lace then use hub that allows that.
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by Weenie

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by UpFromOne

Points for creativity there!

But another issue is that the NDS holes are in one plane, such that there will be pressure at the crossing points of the spokes.
Might create too much rub and eventual issues.

This in addition to the side loads on the NDS holes.

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