Tubulars for a non-race bike?

Everything about building wheels, glueing tubs, etc.
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by Dave88

Considering a set of campagnolo bora one 50s
No intentions to race therefore are clinchers the only option worth exploring?
If no, what are peoples experiences with tubular set up on a non-race machine....

Thanks in advance :thumbup:

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by kgibbo1868

There is no reason you can’t run tubulars on a non race bike. There are positives and negatives to both systems but ultimately do what ever makes you happy. Tubular rims will always be lighter, the ride is superb, but you have to deal with glue. Glue is no big deal to me, I actually enjoy the process . I can pull of a punctured tubular and replace it with a pre glued spare as quick as anyone can replace a tube on a clincher, so that is a non issue..... Nice tubular tyres are not cheep but to me it’s worth it.

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by Weenie

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by JerryLook

I use tubulars on my bike, and I don't race. I'm a recent convert from clinchers. I already wore through my first set of Vittoria tubs, and am now on Veloflex carbons.

With the mileage I ride I will go through 2 sets of tubs per year. I think the extra cost is worth it for the ride quality. Also the lighter wheels are awesome.
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by Imaking20

Yeah, mainly tubulars for me as well. I don't fuss with a spare tire on the road though. Carry orange seal and a co2 in case of puncture on the road.

Interestingly, I've been experimenting with tubeless for the last few months and in that time I've punctured more than the previous year of riding tubulars exclusively. YMMV
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by LewisK

I’ve ran tubulars a lot over the years and have always really enjoyed them. There is something about the ride quality that for me, just feels faster and smoother than any clinchers I’ve ever ridden. I also like going through the process of gluing tubulars! The weight saving is a big plus too.

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by UpFromOne

I have ten sets of wheels, from 23mm road tires up to 54mm mtb tires. All tubular.

Just pick an appropriate tread for the application.

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by shotgun

I use a set for a WW build. As mentioned, it can be used. Biggest downside for me is lesser options, not to mention more expensive.
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by Rex

I've been running Tubular exclusively for everything over the past 18 months.
Although everything said above is true, and I've had just 1 puncture in this time period... I'm going back to clincher/tubeless for my next wheelset by Xmas.

For me the gluing process is not that difficult but it is expensive and these days I'm so time poor so don't want to go through the motions of regluing etc.

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by Catagory6

i don't race anymore
didn't race on tubulars anyway
never EVER thought i would go tubular for fear of the "eff"-word, but that Campagnolo Bora thread suckered me in
wound up with the One 35 version

one word: *MAGICAL

* once i trashed that mariposa tape, and went with 1 layer of glue on the rim, 1 on the tire, and then a prep layer just before mounting

get a roll of the clear packing tape, and mask off the brake track and rim profile before gluing

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by Etienne

Ironically, I began riding tubulars when I gave up competition ... and I think I won't go back to clincher for road bikes, I mean under 30-32mm tires.

It is likely that tubulars don't have the best rolling resistance / aero features nowadays, but pleasure and comfort wise, I prefer them over clinchers every day ... as long as I ride on dry/wet and good condition roads. For the other roads and offroad, tubeless big tires do the trick.

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by bm0p700f

I only use tubulars or tubeless tyres. Tubs are relaible.

Dugast tubs are magical. Good tubs are expensive though and a tub habit is more expensive than golf.

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by ico

I ride tubulars for many years summer or winter season and I wouldn't go back. Start with tubulars with good puncture protection.

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by robertbb

ico wrote:
Tue Nov 26, 2019 12:00 am
I ride tubulars for many years summer or winter season and I wouldn't go back. Start with tubulars with good puncture protection.
Such as?

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by ico

Continental Sprinter or TUFO S33 Pro. Tufo is getting a lot of hate over the internet, but I don't know why... they are great tubs for general riding.

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by Eleven21

Been riding tubs for close to two years now and I agree with other posts here. Once you’ve familiarised yourself with the whole gluing and removal procedure nothing comes close to a set of light weight tubs. I’m still smitten with my Ambrosio Nemesis/Veloflex Vlaanderen combo (32/32 on the Campag record pre-2006 silver oversized hubs).

by Weenie

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