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by bm0p700f

well make a rim 36mm and then people fit a 25mm or 28mm tyre was always going to leave the rim exposed. Cars with that euro look have the same problem. so they have recalled and updated the rim to make it slightly narrower. Optimised for 25/28mm tyres on a 22.5mm internal width rim will leave the tyre stretched and it cannot spread on impact to cover the rim as it would on a narrower internal width. Add the extremely wide rim and I am not sure redusing the rim width to 35mm will help. Its the change they have made that interests me. Is the change that 1mm external width. I know some here like wide tyres and widest possible rim so there tyres are stretched and think that fine. I am not trying to critise your choice.

Also that conti GP5000TL in 28mm will be what 30mm wide at the most. So the rim is more than 10% wider. It maybe aero ccorng to Hunt but a pothole could be expensive. There is no free lunch. ... el-recall/

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by romanmoser

they seem to be limited by potholes :D

i really would like a test side by side including aero between these 48mm limitless hunt and light bicycle WR56mm
hunt compared their 48mm to enve ar3.4 that's quite cheating I think they should have build enve ar 4.4 to be a correct competitor

the rim weight announced by hunt was 500 gr
so not very light, even with their polymer material add near the brake surface

LB are 460 gr verified , ok narrowed but still very good with 28mm nominal tires
beyond that tire aero well don't matter that much in the choice or your rims , you may prefer deeper wheels tough for specific reasons

Like cannondale hollowgram knot64 you will see a lot of rims broken while cornering due to exposed material
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