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by yefimovich

At the moment I’m riding a set of Hed jet 4’s but really want to get at list just a deeper back wheel or maybe a wheel set. At the moment looking at Hed Jet 6 cos I love alu braking surface. But mainly debating getting a Jet 6 back wheel or a FLO wheel 60mm as well. It must be UCI legal since I’m racing. Any other suggestions are welcome :noidea:

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by zinedrei

not sure what specific model but Hambini's test showed some not so good results with Flo wheels.
if you're happy with Jets then perhaps go with that route as well

by Weenie

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by hambini

This video is long but it explains why the Flo wheels were not good

You can watch it all or get to the bit about the results which is here

Essentially, they have designed their wheels without taking into account the turbulence caused by the spokes which are like a giant egg whisk. As a system their wheels do not do well.

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by youpmelone

Go Swiss Side, the dude above even validated it.

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