Disc brake wheelset longevity

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by modcon

Alexbn921 wrote:The answer is yes. Disks do need a different and stronger build.

If you are breaking spokes then I would recommend getting a stronger set of wheels. It all depends on riding style, weight and quality of the build. A perfectly built wheel with the same parts might stand up better or you may just be pushing it past it's limit.

Mountain bikes impart far more hub force from braking and the huge rear cassettes. Wheels can easily withstand these forces if the are designed too. I have tens of 1000's of miles on King and DT hubs without a single broken spoke. I do check and adjustment my wheels regularly as I love the feel that perfectly tentiontion, trued wheels give.

Crap builds of expensive parts will still be crap wheels.
Great builds of weak parts will not stand up over time. Not necessarily cheap parts either.
Stock wheels are where bike manufacturers save the most money. They need attention or replaced almost immediately.
If your heavy or strong your wheels need to be too!
If you have to replace more than a couple spokes on a wheel then they all need replacing.

Wheels bend and flex far more than most people give them credit for. They are a dynamic system and the stresses are high.
Thanks. Think I needed to read this. Might look for a good local wheelbuilder and go from there. Kept thinking I'd get some deeper race wheels but then needed to getore training wheels and it felt like I was going in circles!


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by Alexbn921

Take a look at the DT Swiss EDC wheels. I was able to get a killer deal on them and the are rated for small jumps and cross use. I didn't like my older zipp 404's. They felt flexible and I wouldn't recommend zipp for everyday strong wheels. My dura ace c50 wheels felt indestructible and solid.

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