Choosing FMB tubular 25

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by mendiz

Hello, I do not know which tubular choose in 25 mm.
Service course silk
Paris Roubaix cotton
Service course cotton
Performance racing silk
I want to understand that Performance is less resistant than Service course.
I read to Francois Marie says that silk is the best of the best but I do not know if I can do 3000 kms per rear tubular and no prone to punctures.
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by LouisN

Silk fibers are more supple and resistant than cotton fibre (resistance would be more handy IMO for track tubs and very high pressures).
For riding on 25 mm tubulars on the road, it will translate to more comfort with 85-95 PSI in the tubs.
Oh! It's also lighter ;) ...
I don't know much about the Performance model ( same calicot band, or thinner..?!), looks like the rolling band is pretty thin.
Ask François Marie, he usually answers emails.

FWIW at 74 kg I can do 3000 km on Veloflex Arenberg rear tubs if not unlucky with road debris. I would guess FMB Service Course cotton is very similar to the Arenberg.

Louis :)

by Weenie

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by Denavelo

FMB are amazing tires, with that being said don't expect much life from them.
I loved my FMB roubaix tires, but the tread started balding after like 8-10 rides, and that's no lie!
I've yet to find a tire that wears faster than a FMB tire.

If you're looking for supple and long lasting life, go Veloflex.
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by WinterRider

Shopping tubular.. does anything in this listing at Merlin pop out as great value. No tub experience for me.. yet. ... pe=tubular

Lots on sale... :beerchug:
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