HB-RE023 in Bora Ultra?

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by Calnago

havana wrote:
Fri Jul 26, 2019 6:36 am
I have a theory about the damaged cones, but I'm a bit ashamed to come clear :D

About two years ago I opened up the hubs for the first time to see how the bearings were doing and to see learn more about the construction of the hub. In the process, I lost 1-2 ceramic balls from the retainer ring. I just couldnt find them anymore, so I used two steel balls I had left from my spare parts container. They came of an old Fulcrum 3 wheel.

The original idea was just to do 1-2 rides with them, order new balls and replace them but for some reason I didn't care / forgot / whatever. I think that's what damaged the cones.
Lol... might have been good to disclose this little tidbit from the beginning... it's kinda like the all too common... "Well, I was just riding around and then... this happened". While the mechanic is left to scratch his head.
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