Rim tape for clinchers?

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by 1415chris

RocketRacing wrote:Thanks. Given veloplugs work well, i think the answer us “wide enough to cover the spoke holes”
On the veloplugs subject. Personally I wouldn't use them in road rim brake application anymore. Once I had a failure when on the short but very steep descent 20-25%, one of those of bitten track roads in Tenerife, one of the plugs edge was softened by the increased temperature enough to be pushed through the spoke hole into the rim ...... inner tube followed (i had latex tube, but in this case butyl wouldn't make any difference), leaving on my legs couple souvenirs forever. Just for the records, they were red veloplugs, the fit was on the loose side. I had to support them, to keep them in place with electric tape. I think with them it is just too many potential failure points to be bothered.

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by xmashx

I got a new Mavic Ellipse (15C) wheelset bundled with the 18mm nylon rim tape. I want to use latex tube with high pressure like 145 psi or more.
What rim tape do you recommend for this?
The wheels will be ridden on outdoor velodrome, so no problem with melting while descending but spot temperature likes to be 40C easily (I am sure it's not a problemem as it's relative low for materials but can increase pressure in tube itself).

I have no experience with rim tapes as I mainly ride on tubulars but checked the Velox website and seems like they have cotton rim tape in 16 and 19mm (https://velox.fr/en/cotton/407-873-fond ... t-la_paire).
However they offer special rim tapes marked for high pressures: https://velox.fr/en/700c29/564-fond-de- ... 57390.html

The high pressure tape is marked to 145 psi maximum. (So what is a maximum for a cotton one?!).
I also found out that Continental does Easy Tape High Pressure rim tapes: https://blobs.continental-tires.com/www ... n-data.pdf

They offer 18mm version with 220 psi max and cost less than 2€ per unit on market. Anyone has experience with them? Especially with latex tubes?

by Weenie

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