Campagnolo Zonda disc brake wheelset - yay or nay?

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by WorkonSunday

i have 2017 Fulcrum Racing 5 DB (first one that has the new/lighter rim profile), racing zero (red passion edition) and Shamal ultra (and many others but they are not part of the discussion). i say racing 5 is well priced, rolls really well. my only complain is that, for out of saddle climb, it's abit soft, you can feel the back wheel is flexing. im quite weak and weigh in 78kg, when i do about 500-600w on short uphill blast (20 seconds or so up 8% grad), thats when i feel it's going soft. i cant detect the same flex on shamal or Racing zero (but i think thats the exact objective that they set out to design, so im not surprised).
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by Weenie

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by Miller

Think the current Zondas are not tubeless-friendly which for me would be a negative. Otherwise lovely wheels.

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by peroni

If the rim is the same as the non disc version it is very tubeless friendly, I have used them for a while with no problems.
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by jasonh

Yay. Absolutely Yay. I’ve had 2 sets of Eurus and they’re awesome for riding on harsh, rough and cracked asphalt and concrete of the SFV in LA, the hilly and fast Pasadena and Altadena areas in LA and the poorly paved asphalt and chip sea of NWiGeorgia.
By far, the best “everyday” wheels I’ve used (for rim brakes). The bearings are mega durable, smooth as silk, and easy to service.
I especially like their G3 spoke pattern, and the big aluminum spokes which gives the wheels an extra level of stiffness, stability and liveliness. The riding characteristics are obvious the moment you roll out the driveway. Hard cornering, descending switchbacks, sprinting and steep climbs all benefit from the stiffness. This was true 12+ years ago when I spent much time in the gym, at nearly 200lbs and today at 170lbs.
On my new bike, I almost got Mavic all road pros which also gave big aluminum spokes, much like Eurus and Shamals, but I couldn’t pass up the deal on a different set of wheels.
When I bought my second set of Eurus, which were the 2 way fit versions, it came with 2 extra spokes!
To me, the Eurus rim is nice and light, and the spoke pattern facilitates stiffness, which the aluminum spokes enhance by even more stiffness yet lower rotational weight.
My dream wheelset would be a Bontrager Aeolus XXX 2 rim with Campagnolo G3 spoke pattern using those aluminum spokes with record hubs. A product that doesn’t and will not exist.

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