Enve 5.6s or Zipp 303/404 NSW?

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by pmehra

I've heard some rumblings that Roval is switching to a tiered depth design like ENVE for their next wheel release. Good points brought up. It's really hard to compare these wheels without exactly replicating testing conditions and using lab equipment. I'm not seeing that Zipp updated their warranty. Their site still states a non-transferable 2 year warranty: "products to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of two years after original purchase". They explicitly call out that crashes do not fall under this warranty. Does their site not list the latest warranty?

by Weenie

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by njyeti

I actually had an email correspondance with Zipp today about the warranty topic. The lifetime warranty only applies to the new 2021 wheelsets.

From Zipp agent: "Zipp has lifetime warranty coverage against manufacture defect, and impact damage warranty coverage during intended use that will cover all 2021 Zipp products and beyond.
Except for 3ZEROMOTO and 303 S, current wheels still fall under the 2 year defect/5 year factory service/crash replacement. "

So if you buy a NSW wheelset for 2x cost of 303 S, you're stuck with the shitty warranty.

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