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by Gary71

mythosxt wrote:
Thu Jun 13, 2019 6:48 am
My Roadmachine pimped with Extralite Cyberdisc 38c(1090gr with the xdr Freehub).
6,4kg with pedals etc.... as shown on picture. Happy :D
today-after work will be my first ride with the Wheels.
Now that you must have some km's under your belt - how do you rate them and how are they holding up?

by Weenie

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by hannawald

Some more experience with these? Do they make sense for 80 kgs rider? How would you rate compared to some Bora disc clinchers for example? Weight is amazing but my experience with weightweenie parts has been mixed success so far..are these fit and forget (ok, after initial setup and spoke tension check)?
Extralite claims these are very stiff but i just wonder with these spokes how they could be..

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by billendk

Have put about 2500km on mine. Running them with wittoria corsa 25mm graphene 2,0 tubeless. My weight is 80kg and have been happy with them so far, pretty stiff. I broke a spoke the other day and have now ordered some sapim cx ray spokes, to replace if it happen again.

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by mythosxt

ok i have now 1500km on my extralite wheels, and yes i´m impressed, they going up like my old Lightweight Obermayer :) they are a little bit not so windstable like my old DtSwiss prc 1400 35, but no Problem for me and my 60kg Body :)
i use them everyday, and everyday they put a smile on my face!
Not a single Problem since i mount them, i hope it will be for long long time...we will see.

i ride them normally with latex tubes and Conti 4000rs. tubless i want test, but i will ride the Schwalbe Pro One tubeless, but i think extralite will not give the OK for the Schwalbe Pro One...

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by hannawald

Thanks for sharing your experience with us not so brave right now:)

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