25mm tire that isn't too wide but still good!

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by TimF

After a 25mm tire. I have limited clearance on my frame so Continental are out, they tend to run big and won't fit. I have Vittoria Corsa at the moment and these are getting 1cm cuts in them from very little millage so not convinced they are a sensible option (they do fit). What is out there that is at the level of Vittoria or GP5000 that isn't too wide?

Cheers, Tim

by Weenie

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by none

What is the width of the rim? Wider rim may result in wider overall profile of tire once inflated.

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by Hexsense

wait, if GP5000 25c is still too wide then you won't have much option.
It runs only just a hair bigger than GP4000sII 23c.
As far as i can think of,
Michelin Power series runs narrower than GP4000sII and similar to GP5000. If you flat on Vittoria then skip Power Competition, consider Power Endurance instead.
If you count 24c, then Specialized S-works turbo 24c is narrower than Conti 4000sII 23c.

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by AJS914

I was going to say 23mm GP4000 - they come in at 25mm on the dot. They also make a 23mm GP5000 which will probably come in under 25mm.

The GP5000 also seems to be less tall than the GP4000 so the 5000 may be the better option if overall diameter is your limiter.

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by alcatraz

I'm confused by the posed question.

A narrower 25mm tire? 25 is 25. :D

Tell us your inner rim width and the desired real width you would like to obtain.

A vittoria 25C tire is like a conti 23C. Does that mean that the 25c is better for allround comfort/rr? No way. Just stick to the measured width. :thumbup:

A tire also does stretch a bit with time so better choose a width 0.5mm below your desired max to avoid issues later.
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by pdlpsher1

Yeah Conti has adjusted their sizing on the 5000 to run more true to size. The 28mm measures 28mm on a 17C rim after stretching. I believe the 25mms are a hair over 25mm on a 17C rim.

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by dim

Specialized Turbo Cotton in 24's
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by kampiakseli

This is from:
https://www.bicyclerollingresistance.co ... tl-2018rom

The regular 25-622 GP 5000 came in at 26 mm wide on a 17C rim, at an air pressure of 100 psi / 6.9 bars. The GP 5000 TL measures a bit wider at 27 mm wide and has a height of 24 mm. (full info: the regular GP 5000 was 26.2 mm, the GP 5000 TL came in at 26.8 mm so not a full mm wider.)

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by hannawald

+1 on Michelin Power Competition.

by Weenie

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by Calnago

dim wrote:Specialized Turbo Cotton in 24's
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