Roval CLX 50s creaking after rain rides

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by sethjs

Both my CLX 50s (1 disc pair, 1 rim pair) started making a racket after a few rides in the rain. At first I thought this was either from the nipple interface with the rim or at the spoke/hub interface. Even later in the creaky on climbs.

A local mechanic pointed me to removing the end caps, cleaning, and greasing. Solved!

Problem is...every time I do a long ride in the rain they get contaminated again and I have to start over again.

Is this unique to the Roval hub design? Any thoughts on a more permanent solution?

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by tabl10s

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by Weenie

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by alcatraz

What exactly is it that is moving? Are the endcaps too big for the axle?

Do you hear the creak only when pushing hard?

Check skewer tension (very important), try tighter, also check chainring bolts. Check the freehub and cassette sideplay. Check the cassette lockring.

It's important that you check for sideplay. Pull and push, don't be afraid to get your hands dirty.

It took my friend an eternity to figure out his creak. Turned out his rear hub (certain dtswiss bontrager model) is very weird and needs a ridiculous amount of skewer tension for the freehub to stay silent. Really garbage freehub design.

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