Looking for loose fitting road (clincher) tires.

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by none

I've picked up a pair of 5-spoke carbon clincher wheels, they seem to be just a tad larger in diameter than 700c.
Both wheels and tires are all brand new..
Maybe the Polar Vortex cold weather doesn't help things, but I've put the new tires next to the wall radiator that warms up the house for a few hours,
storing the wheel in my basement that's usually around 40 degree,
additionally talc powder on the inside and just along the lip of the tire bead,
have one bead stretching on the wheel since last week,
I'll keep hoping for warmer weather..
I have tried 700x25c Hutchinson, Panaracer and Maxxis tires.. all folding tires, but none of them seem to be able to even get one bead onto the wheel.
I know Michelin and Zipp tires are usually tighter fitting, are Continental, Schwalbe or Vittoria tires any easier fitting?

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by pdlpsher1

The key to tire mounting is to make sure the bead of the tire is centered within the center of the rim. The center of the rim has the smallest effective diameter. Does the rim have a recessed center channel?

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by Weenie

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by alcatraz

How did it go?

I'm surprised the first bead didn't go on. That's usually the easy one.

Maybe it really is too big.

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by Zakalwe

Tried mounting them on a different wheel for a few days to stretch them?

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by dastott

I feel your pain. FWIW, my experience is that Michelin Power Comps are the hardest tyre to mount, Conti GP4000s II are easier and Schwalbe Ultremo ZX (a bit old now) are a bit easier still. If you want to try Mavic Yksion Pro Griplink and Powerlink are pretty easy to mount and many people take them off when they buy Mavic wheels and never use them. Might be some freebies around to try if you ask your buddies.

by Weenie

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by none

I have the same new tires monted on my old Ksyrium wheels.. they went on without tools, with my bare hands.. pumped up the tires to 140 psi.. will leave them at high pressure for few days before attempting to mount them on carbon wheels.

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