Farsports rims, braking and pads

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by AJS914

I recently bought a set of 50mm Farsports wheels. This is my first set of carbon rims so I have some braking / pad related questions.

I installed some Campagnolo red pads which are the recommended pads for Bora wheels. Braking is pretty good in the dry. I got caught in rain the other day. The first braking after getting wet was scarry as it took a long time for the pads to bite.

Would other pads make much of a difference? Farsports sent with the wheels some black Gigantex pads. I also have a set of blue Lifeline pads from Wiggle.

My rear braking seems perfect. The front can be a little loud and screachy some times and pulses a tiny bit during extended braking. I was going to try more toe-in next. Would that help?

Any other tips?

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by nickf

I'm a fan of black prince pads myself. Run these on both sets of my carbon wheels. In the wet carbon isn't going to be the greatest. But I never have issues stopping. Even in the wet, I can confidently stop.

by Weenie

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by AJS914

It just felt like the stopping distance on the first stop was huge. It was also my first time stopping in the wet on carbon rims. After that first heart attacking inducing stop I would just brake ahead of time to clear the pads of water and then brake again coming to a stop.

I'm just wondering if all carbon rims are about the same and/or if different pads would make an appreciable difference.

I adjusted the toe-in on my front brake and the screaching is gone.
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by dastott

Have used Farsports black Champion pads and the blue Lifeline ones on Farsports clinchers. Lifeline are better but wear very quickly. Strangely I have some older Farsports tubs and the braking is much better on those with the black pads. Very good in the dry but sketchy in the wet though. TBH, have moved back to alloy rims for climbing days.

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