Widest TL Tires on 2019 Giant Advanced SL0?

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by parleez1

My Giant Advanced SL 0 came with 25mm Giant tubeless tires. Wondering if anyone is running 28mm tubeless or tubeless ready tires on their SL TCR, if so what brand/tire. Not sure if there is enough room in the frame and how the Giant CF 42mm rims will handle a 28mm tubeless tire.
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by itsacarr

There is a my19 tcr disc on the forums in red sporting 4.5ar’s that measure out to 32mm I believe. He said he had 3mm of clearance on both sides.

by Weenie

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by peted76

Disc or Rim brake model?
If it's rim, then I have 25mm schwable pro one's on a 17mm inner wheel, those tyres come up large.. unsure exact measurement but I'd suspect it's near 29mm. With those tyres there's not a lot of clearance, you might be able to squeeze on a set of 28's but they would be very tight.

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