Reynolds Stratus DV46 hub issues

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by CrossRob

I realise this is a long shot but here we go... I’ve been given a pair of Reynolds Stratus DV46, dating I believe from 2006.

There are a few issues:

1. The width of the rear hub is too narrow - about 126mm OLD. This is made more of a problem by the intended bike being slightly too wide between the rear drop-outs - about 132mm. It’s an aluminium frame, so not easy to adjust the spacing. I can’t see how the hub can measure up so narrow - presumably that can’t be adjusted. ( ... ithPNs.jpg)

Would it be safe to add a spacer between the drive side bearing and the end cap, without weakening anything? I can’t see where else one could go.

2. I took the freehub body off to lube it and found there was no seal between that and the hub body. The hub diagram suggests there should be. I can’t imagine this would be wide enough to account for the hub spacing problem, but could be an issue with oil getting out and dirt getting in. Are cassette seals so specific that I’d need to find one for this hub or could I get away with something more modern/available?

3. There’s no seal over the drive side outer bearing, nor is there designed to be one, from the hub diagram. Is it enough to just cover it with marine grease and keep pressure washers away from it?

The hubs are super-smooth and there’s very little brake track wear, so I’m keen to sort it out if I can.

Thanks for any pointers


by Weenie

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