Recommend sub $1000 climbing/descending wheels

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by Lewn777

I'm looking for a bombproof set of climbing wheels, could go a bit over $1000 for the right set. I've done 30,000kms in just over a year on my DT Swiss Dicut RR21, was thinking about getting another set or just replacing the rims and bearings if possible using them as a winter set and getting something else.
What I'm looking for:
-Sub 1400g
-Sealed, so tubeless ready and no rim tape or plugs
-Factory wheels
-Rim brake
-Great braking surface, as I love to descend
-Not worried about wet weather performance, local area is very dry
-For training and racing need to be bombproof, looking for good durability

by Weenie

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by Lewn777

Deciding between:
DT SWISS PR 1400 DICUT® 21 – 1417g
DT SWISS PR 1400 DICUT® 21 OXiC - 1450g
Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 C24 – 1400g
Campagnolo Eurus Mega G3 – 1500g
Campagnolo Neutron Ultra - 1500g
Campagnolo Shamal Mille C17 -1450g
Campagnolo Shamal Ultra C17 -1500g
Fulcrum Racing Zero Nite C17 -1500g
Fulcrum Racing Zero LG – 1500g

Swaying towards the Dura-Ace. Not sure I fully trust Mavic or Zipp hubs.

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by asiantrick

My vote for 1400 DICUT Oxic. Bomb proof so far after 500 miles. Hit some major pot holes riding in LA area and still true like day 1.

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by AJS914

Regarding the Eurus - I have the previous version of the Eurus and it has been a fine wheelset but I don't think they are worth the extra money over the Zondas. The Zondas have a small weight penalty but use stainless spokes. I just had to replace a Zonda spoke and it cost $22 plus $8 for the spoke wrench.

Also, I don't think the current Eurus wheelset is at Campagnolo's new wider C17 standard. It's probably still C15.

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by Mr.Gib

Careful with Shimano. If that is the one with the laminated carbon, there are some bad stories about delamination due to heat while braking.
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by robertbb

Zonda C17's are a very solid choice. They might be a fraction over 1500g but don't ride like it. Stickers come off easily for a really stealthy wheel that's super solid.

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by nachetetm

Why not custom? Boyd Altamont ceramics with Carbon-Ti hubs and lightweight spokes will make a nicer wheel in my opinion, with better braking, wider rim and lower weight. The new Open Pro UST are even lighter than Altamonts, but unfortunately the Exalith version is not in the market yet. Both options should fit comfortably in your price and weight goals.

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by bikerdan

I'd say you can't go wrong with the Neutron. Super hubs that roll and roll.
Very stiff to boot
Think someone once won Paris Roubaix on them

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by Lewn777

Thanks for all the replies.
I've been doing more research and I've concluded that the DT Swiss are the best wheels, owing to my current set having not gone out of true in 30,000kms of a abuse. I wanted something different and more blingy, but I think I am being dumb.

by Weenie

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by IvanZg

Is there any particular reason why you did not consider Vision trimax 25kb? As per their website they weight 1420g.

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