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by MortenDK

Hi All

Have any of you guys seen the new Campa Bora WTO60.? It is a bit cheaper than the Bora ultra50. But no Tubular option :?

Any info on the new wheels would be appreciated.

Cheers Morten

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by Noctiluxx

They are bascially addressing all of todays most trendy features on wheels, wider, tubeless, and "aero"
I believe they use the hubs from the Bora One's and are 60mm. For what its worth, they look terrific!
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by Weenie

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by ParisCarbon

They are hard to come by right now for sure... I know of one place in the UK that has a set at $3000 Cdn dollar...

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by gfinkee

They are available at Campagnolo, so go to your local dealer and order it :)

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by MortenDK

They are available at on the campa webpage and they are 666€ cheaper that the Bora ultra 50. :?:

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by c60rider

Weren't they initially marketed more as a time trial wheel the fact they're tubeless and they've been shown to be faster than any other tyre/wheel combo of equivalent size? Though Campag strangely call it 2 way-fit but then every tubless compatible wheel is two-way fit!

by Weenie

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by WorkonSunday

my understanding is that WTO 60 has same hub as Bora One but deeper/wider/U shaped rim. So it's not the super duper bearings you are getting with Ultra. There is a 77mm front wheel to go with their disc wheel. i think they are only just hitting the market (stock wise), i have only seen two hobbist bikes with them on the internet.
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