New Campag Bora WTO v Enve 4.5 wheels

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by Lafolie

Just wondered if you were choosing a set of wheels for aerodynamics and all - round ability , which would you choose ?

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by TonyM

Campy for the CULT bearings! Just fantastics!

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by angrylegs

Always Campy. ;)

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by Lafolie

must say, the new campag wto whhles look very nice :-)

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by maverick_1

Campy WTO 60 uses USB bearings.
The deeper WTO 77 on the other hand is equipped with CULT bearings (front wheel only).


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by Calnago

That’s a tough choice. You mention “aerodynamics” and “all-roundability” in the same sentence. I haven’t even seen the new wto wheels let alone ridden them, but at 60mm in depth, I’d almost exclude them straight away if “all roundability” is part of the equation. Just too deep to be an effective all rounder. I know the braking on the Campy wheels would be superb. The internal width of 19mm is pretty versatile for tire selection. But if you really want aero and you’ll never be descending in the mountains, then hell ya... get the WTO’s and be the first kid on your block to rock them. But if you value the all rounder part more, I’d forego both of these options in favor of a set of 50mm Boras, or even the 35’s.
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by Lafolie

noted Cal. :-)

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by Noctiluxx

What bike will these go on?
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