Stans Grail MK3 vs Velocity Aileron

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by 109er

I'm going to be building a set of race wheels for a project coming up and was curious if anyone has any experience with these rims side by side. I've searched the forum and others.

So far the only caveat with the Aileron is quality. I don't really mind the extra prep they might require. The polished rims would also fit with the asthetic of the bike a lot nicer.

The other rim I'm looking at is the Stans. It's slightly shallower and maybe a little lighter. I also have access to better pricing for these.

Both of these rims have nice shaping to them, the Aileron might be a little more aero, the Grail might be a little lighter. The Aileron will look great on the bike but the Grail wont look bad. I just don't wanna base the build on looks alone.

Either way, I'll be building these up with BHS disc hubs, 24h front, 28h rear. Both 2x, with DT Aerolites and 12mm alloy nipples.
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