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by 53cxzero

Hello, two questions in one post, thanks for your time. Current wheels Farsport 50mm x 25 carbon with the Veloflex 27 Vlanderen? / Raven tires LOVE THEM.. Looking to get either 30x23 ,or 30x25 or 38x23, and 38x25. me 195lbs the only tubulars I will use are Veloflex but on the 30/38 by 23 wide, rims I might try the Arenberg, SO if I am going to use Raven, Arenberg tires what depth/ width Farsport would you use and why?? Best, to you, and yours;

by Weenie

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by LouisN

At your weight and for the use with 27mm tubs, 50+ X 25mm. Just common sense.

Louis :)

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by rlpaul

Wheelsets are tricky. Some like just one set of all-round wheels to avoid hassle, so something like a 30-50mm rim depth. Light enough for responsive climbing, deep enough for some aero benefit.

Currently, I'm in the 2 wheelset camp: One for climbing or strong crosswind days, 25mm deep, one for aero, 60/70mm deep. I typically ride the 25s in the winter due to unpredictable weather. I'm currently around your weight and only ride the Arenbergs on both wheelsets, but then my fork doesn't have the clearance to try the Vlaanderens.

I'd skip the 38s. Too similar in characteristics to the 50. From what I recall, the 30s are only 100ish grams lighter, so not a huge jump down from the 50s. If crosswind stability is a concern, then the 30s are probably an OK choice, otherwise personally I'd just stay with the 50s. If you do get the 30s, go 30x25 if for no other reason than not having to adjust your brakes after wheel swaps.

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by 53cxzero

Thanks for thoughts, I will go with a set of 38 x 25 with the Arenberg tires, and Dt 240 hubs. The over all theme for me and I think alot of other riders is simply, I can not afford the Campy Bora tubular wheelset. I am very happy with my Record groupset, and will put the same Record groupset on my next build. Merry Christmas, to all Best;

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