Aero disc brake wheels for new aero road bike

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by Davico

I am about to order an aero road bike frameset (BMC TMR01 2019 size 61) and am looking for a light aero wheelset for disc brakes and tubulars. I have been considering the following options:
- Enve SES 5.6 tubular (54/63mm, 1399g)
- Fulcrum Speed 55T DB (55mm, 1395g)
- Campagnolo Bora One disc brake (50mm, 1348g)
- Zipp 454 NSW disc brake tubular (53/58mm, 1515g)
I use Campagnolo Bora Ultra 50 (AC3) and 35 (diamond) on my existing bikes (BMC SLR01 and Gf01), both in tubular versions, and love them. I previously had Roval CLX 40 clinchers (warped after some mountain riding with 6000km mileage) and Bora Ultra 50 (diamond) Clinchers (traded them against tubular version).
I do a lot of fast group riding with not much climbing but like to hit the mountains from time to time. The new bike should give me an aero edge while still be versatile enough to do more hilly rides.
I’m 189cm and 78kg.
I do want to keep the weight increase to a minimum (the TMR will inevitably be heavier due to its aero frame and the disc brakes.
Any experiences or thoughts on any of these wheelsets, particularly Enve and Fulcrum (haven’t found much on these)? I am leaning towards the Enves but intrigued by the Fulcrums, too (given my positive experience with my Campy wheels(.

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